November 27, 2021

Venezuela: Maduro ‘Reelected’ with Record Low Turnout, Rampant Fraud.

Venezuela’s dictator Nicolás Maduro declared himself the winner late Sunday of a presidential election widely dismissed as fraudulent, and marred by record low turnout, against a fellow socialist and a televangelist whose campaign signature was handing out free soup. The election “victory” ensures Maduro will remain at the helm of the nation until 2025, barring […]

Pelosi Reelected As House Minority Leader

On Wednesday, House Democrats opted to cling to the past rather than confront their future, once again choosing Nancy Pelosi as House Minority leader. Pelosi, who has held her position since 2003, had been challenged by Tim Ryan of Ohio, who argued the Democrats had lost their connection with blue-collar white workers. Pelosi is just […]