June 9, 2023

‘I’m In a Good Place Right Now’: Bengals’ Tee Higgins Relieved to Hear Damar Hamlin Improving

Cincinnati Bengals receiver Tee Higgins, the man Bills Safety Damar Hamlin tackled before he collapsed on Monday, said he is relieved to hear Hamlin’s condition has improved. Speaking with reporters after practice on Thursday, Higgins said that he and Damar Hamlin’s mom have been in regular contact since the safety had been admitted to the

The real truth about Roy Moore’s defeat is deeply unsettling, particularly when you realize who’s relieved he lost.

Ok, Doug Jones is now Senator-elect Jones from the state of Alabama — no surprise there. This doesn’t really mark a YUUGE win for the Democrats (less than one percent ain’t a mandate), rather it just goes to show that the hyenas tracked down and devoured an old wounded wildebeest. All day we’ll be inundated […]