June 30, 2022

Netherlands Lifting Restrictions on Coal-Fired Power Stations Amid Drop in Gas Supplies From Russia

The Netherlands is following in the footsteps of neighboring Germany and lifting a cap on production by coal-fired power stations in an effort to prevent a winter energy crisis amid a drop in gas supplies from Russia. “Because the risk of gas shortages has increased, the cabinet has decided today to withdraw the production limitation for coal-fired…

Breitbart News Daily Podcast Ep. 104: Brace for Illegal Alien Flood with Biden Ending Immigration Restrictions; Guests: Adam Laxalt on KBJ, John Binder on Border Crisis and Oscars

Host Alex Marlow starts today’s show with massive immigration news. Big Joey The Biden removed Title 42 border restrictions, which means not only will we be seeing a big influx of illegal immigration, but also many of these illegal aliens will have The COVID. Not a joke! This is merely the latest effort of our…

Nova Scotia to Lift All COVID-19 Restrictions in March

Nova Scotia is set to remove the vaccine passport system by the end of February, while all other COVID-19 restrictions will end on March 21, Premier Tim Houston said. “Assuming everything stays on course, effective March 21 all remaining COVID restrictions in Nova Scotia will be gone,” he said on Feb…

WHO on COVID-19: ‘Now is not the time to let go of all restrictions’

CDC Director Walensky on dropping COVID restrictions: ‘We’re not quite there yet’

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said Tuesday that right now is not the time for state and local leaders to end COVID-19 restrictions. In an interview with WYPR, Walensky noted that while the agency is “cautiously optimistic” about case numbers and hospitalizations trending downward, there are still a significant […]

One Million March protest in Brussel Against Health Restrictions.

Double camera accelerated aerial crossing of the biggest European protest against health restrictions. Demonstration on January 23, 2023, whose slogans were: against health restrictions, for freedom, democracy, and human rights.

End of Lockdowns? Boris Looks to Scrap All Coronavirus Restrictions in March

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government is reportedly looking to abolish all remaining coronavirus restrictions by March as the push to return to normality has gained traction amid steadily decreasing cases of the Chinese virus. Later this Month, MPs will gather to vote on an extension of the ‘Plan B’ restrictions which were put in place…

Russia backs off from unpopular COVID-19 restrictions

The Russian government on Friday chose to delay adopting unpopular legislation restricting access to public places for the unvaccinated, despite an infection surge and warnings from top officials about the spread of the omicron variant.  The country reported 23,820 new infections, a 12% increase from the previous day, and 739 deaths. Moscow officials also reported […]

COVID-19: UK nations to diverge on New Year’s Eve restrictions

‘No new restrictions announced before Christmas’

ABC News Prime: Omicron spreading rapidly; “Sex and the City” star accused of sexual assault

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Omicron cases continue to rise as scientists warn of further restrictions

SAGE calls for more restrictions beyond Plan B

Health Secretary refuses to rule out tighter COVID restrictions

In full: MPs debate and vote on Plan B COVID restrictions

American universities reimpose COVID restrictions over omicron variant: 'Reminiscent' of March 2020

Several colleges and universities across America are reimposing restrictions on their campuses due to the recent rise in the omicron variant of the coronavirus. Several universities, such as Georgetown, George Washington and Cornell, have decided to either cancel all indoor events or hold them online, among other restrictions. Georgetown University, for example, is restricting all […]

Joe Biden Slammed for Calling Trump’s Travel Restrictions Racist, Xenophobic, Then Enacting His Own

President Joe Biden on Friday was slammed for enacting travel restrictions on eight countries due to a fresh coronavirus variant after calling former President Trump’s coronavirus travel restrictions in 2020 racist and xenophobic. Trump issued travel restrictions on countries around the globe after the Chinese Coronavirus pandemic landed in the United States in 2020. Biden…

Protests Against COVID Restrictions Erupt in Netherlands, Police Car Set on Fire

Images circulating across Twitter showed what appeared to be hundreds of people congregating in the streets of Rotterdam, Netherlands in protest of what users said to be the country’s COVID-19 restrictions. One image showed a police car ablaze while others show flares littered across the streets as smoke fills the air and masses of people […]

Norway Celebrates End of Coronavirus Restrictions

The people of Norway celebrated the end of coronavirus restrictions on Sunday after an abrupt announcement from the prime minister. According to the Associated Press (AP) the celebrations in some of Norway’s biggest cities that police were deployed not to punish people for wearing masks but to quell the “dozens of disturbances and violent clashes”…

Joe Biden: Expect More Coronavirus Restrictions ‘In All Probability’

President Joe Biden confirmed Friday that Americans should expect more coronavirus-related restrictions, as the Delta variant of the virus continues to spread. Biden spoke about more restrictions on Americans after CBS reporter Weijia Jiang asked him if he expected more restrictions as the virus spreads across the country. “In all probability,” he replied as he…

Greek Churches Accused of Helping Circumvent Lockdown Restrictions

Greek churches in Thessaloniki have been accused of making secret lists of worshipers to help them get around Wuhan coronavirus restrictions and kiss church icons. Greek Orthodox clergy have been accused of allowing parishioners to enter churches through side doors in order to allow them to kiss icons in the Orthodox practice of veneration. Health…

State Representative Calls For Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer To Be Impeached After Announcing Latest Coronavirus Restrictions

Republican Michigan State Rep. Matt Maddock joined with lawmakers to call for an impeachment of Democratic Michigan Gov, Gretchen Whitmer after she announced new coronavirus restrictions, according to Fox News 2 Detroit. “The list of violations is long and the call is overdue,” Rep. Maddock tweeted Sunday, announcing his intent to work with Michigan legislators…

Pro-Life Nation: New Poll Shows Heavy Majorities in Favor of Substantial Abortion Restrictions.

Every year around the anniversary of the Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, Marist releases the results of its latest scientific, nationwide survey measuring Americans’ views on abortion.  Polling often finds conflicting views on the question, with voters leaning slightly more “pro-choice” than “pro-life,” and relatively widespread anxiety about the prospect of overturning the […]

BREAKING: Trump Announces New Travel Ban Restrictions For Additional Countries

President Trump issued an executive order Sunday night expanding travel restrictions from his previous travel ban to include additional countries. Sudan has been dropped from the original travel ban list, while Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen, and Somalia remain. North Korea, Chad and Venezuela have been added with varying levels of vetting and restrictions for each […]


It is outrageous that 55 senators endorsed a bill to lift all travel restrictions to communist Cuba without even asking for a single “Quid Pro Quo” from the regime. Even worse is the second bill to end the commercial embargo to Cuba, again without requesting a single “Quid Pro Quo from the communist regime. Cuban […]

Trump: “No Restrictions on Second Amendment, Let the People Shoot Back”

During the March 3 GOP debate Donald Trump said there should be no restrictions on the Second Amendment and stressed that attacks on innocents can be prevented or curtailed if the people have the ability to shoot back. Fox News host Bret Baier pointed out that Trump had voiced support for an “assault weapons” ban in […]


President Barack Obama boasted last week that his administration forced Iran to accept an eight-year delay in the lifting of ballistic missile sanctions, when Iran wanted those restrictions canceled immediately. (Never mind that Iran made the demand at the last minute, raising a “non-nuclear” issue of the sort Obama says the U.S. could not make […]