November 19, 2018

John Bolton: Hillary Clinton’s ‘Fatal Mistake’ Was Not Seeing Arab Spring Was Really ‘Rise of Radical Islam’

On Thursday’s Breitbart News Daily, former U.N. ambassador and AEI Senior Fellow John Bolton said California’s attempt to claw back enlistment bonuses from thousands of National Guard members was “outrageous.” “If the government made a mistake in paying these bonuses, then I think that’s the government’s mistake, and the rest of us will have to […]


Terça Livre Presents – Update Brazil: A Weekly Update of Conservative information. UPDATE BRAZIL is a weekly program of invited personalities that bring you discussions about critical issues of current interest. Click here for UPDATE BRAZIL videos.     OTHER POSTS OF INTEREST TO YOU: Hillary and Comey Are the Same Person. Hillary Clinton is […]

Spring Break! Obama Family Traveling to Cuba for Visit with Castro

As part of their ongoing world-wide tour of some of the most exotic and controversial places in the world, the Obama family is preparing for a trip to Cuba — the first visit by a U.S. president to the island since President  Calvin Coolidge in 1928. The official business will have to wait. According to […]