July 21, 2024

Credit Suisse to Borrow up to 50 Billion Swiss Francs from Swiss National Bank  

Credit Suisse announced it would borrow up to 50 billion Swiss francs from the Swiss National Bank in a move to strengthen its liquidity amid dwindling stock prices. Fifty billion Swiss francs is the equivalent of $53.68 billion. Credit Suisse is the country’s second biggest lender. On Wednesday, Credit Suisse’s shares went down as much

Swiss Analysts Using Machine Learning to Crack Identity of ‘Q’

(AFP) — The mysterious “Q” behind the QAnon conspiracy movement, which was instrumental in the storming of the US Capitol, is in fact two people, according to Swiss experts. Swiss startup OrphAnalytics said it had used its algorithm-based machine-learning text analysis software, developed to detect plagiarism, to help crack the mystery behind QAnon. “There are…