January 26, 2021

Fiorina The Force Multiplier – VIDEO

Ted Cruz announced on Wednesday in Indiana that should he receive the nomination, his general election running mate will be former Hewlett-Packard CEO and presidential candidate Carly Fiorina. Some members of the pundit class immediately reacted with skepticism. Needless to say, this is unorthodox. Tapping a vice presidential pick in the middle of a contested […]

Do you know your candidate?

As we speak, the United States is living in the heat of a presidential election. Based on the results of more than 20 primaries, there is a significant possibility Donald Trump will be the nominee for the Republican Party and Hillary Clinton, the nominee for the Democratic Party. Presidential elections are often characterized by two […]

Super Saturday 2016 Republican Results: Cruz Has A Big Night, Trump Still Leads In Delegates

Ted Cruz 97% had a big night Saturday with decisive wins in the Kansas and Maine caucuses, bolstering the Texas senator’s argument that he is the only Republican routinely defeating front-runner Donald Trump. But Trump, the New York businessman who has shown strength in a number of southern states, also pulled off victories in Louisiana and Kentucky and […]

Former Romney and Rubio Supporters Now Supporting Cruz In Florida

As the Republican primary gets underway a unique coalition is building in Florida backing Senator Ted Cruz for President. Republican activists in Florida, Florida businessmen, Tea Partiers, Republican women, pro-life Catholics and Christians and fiscal conservatives are banding together forming a Reaganesqe coalition in for Cruz. The following individuals are endorsing him in their personal […]

Marco Rubio Tries To Build Late Momentum

AMES, Iowa— Marco Rubio was making a last-minute push to catapult into the top tier of candidates in the final weekend before the Iowa caucus, vying to compete with Donald Trump’s showmanship and Ted Cruz’s deep support among evangelical pastors. The senator from Florida, in the midst of a flurry of events throughout the state, […]


Ted Cruz is now Donald Trump’s main competition in the race to become the Republican presidential nominee Although Trump still leads the pack, Cruz is catching up with him in polling numbers With 5 weeks until voting begins, 2016 is looking like a race no one imagined: Donald Trump vs. Ted Cruz A whole host […]


Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz has surged ahead to become the latest front-runner in the campaign for the Iowa caucuses, dislodging Ben Carson and opening an impressive lead over a stalled Donald Trump, a Bloomberg Politics/Des Moines Register Iowa Poll shows. The firebrand junior senator from Texas is backed by 31 percent of those likely […]

When Cruz Makes His Move, Watch Out

The Texas senator may look like an also-ran, but he’s a legit contender. Where’s Ted Cruz? The outspoken Texas senator has been unusually quiet in recent weeks. But in GOP circles, there’s soft but growing chatter that he is likely to be one of the last men standing in one of the most chaotic and […]

Cruz Thunderously Received At NRA Meeting

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz opened his remarks to National Rifle Association members Friday describing his disgust with the president’s description of the 2010 Fort Hood shooting as “work place violence.” Cruz began Friday at the Army Base in Texas and told the audience that the military personnel who were killed or […]

Exclusive–Inside Ted Cruz’s Campaign HQ: The Next President of the United States

HOUSTON, Texas — About six or seven hundred hardcore conservatives gathered outside the new Houston campaign headquarters for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) last Tuesday, an event at which he showed off his presidential prospects as the first declared candidate for 2016. Cruz, the true Washington outsider, has had a hugely successful first two weeks as the […]