June 25, 2022

Ukraine-Russia Crisis: Tension mounts as PM warns Putin is planning ‘lightning war’

Why China is closely watching Biden’s handling of Russia-Ukraine tension

America’s rivals and enemies are watching Presidents Biden’s and Putin’s moves in the Ukraine-Russia conflict very carefully, and a Russian invasion could leave to further aggressive actions that threaten the American homeland, former National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien warned Friday on Fox News. Biden was roundly criticized for his “minor incursion” remark about a potential […]

Russia Strengthens Foothold in Cuba Due to Tension Between US & Castro Dictatorship.

The tense diplomatic and economic situation between the Cuban regime and the US has caused other allies of the Caribbean country such as Russia to step up their foreign policy approach to dealing with the island. (Rusia Beyond) Three years ago, former President Barack Obama announced the beginning of normalizedĀ relations between the United States and […]