December 2, 2021

Republican Senators Threaten To Sink Bipartisan Infrastructure Plan After Biden’s Ultimatum

Republican senators are threatening to sink a recently negotiated bipartisan infrastructure compromise after President Joe Biden said that its adoption was conditioned on the passage of a complementary bill containing top Democratic priorities. Multiple senators who took part in bipartisan negotiations during the bill’s creation have already said that they may now withhold their support,…

Mexico gets ULTIMATUM from Trump — and so does ONE other country

If there’s one thing Trump knows, it’s the art of the deal. Last night, he showed his skills, giving Mexico a tough ultimatum, saying he was willing to kill NAFTA if that country didn’t renegotiate and agree to some significant changes. This warning came hot on the heels of the first round of treaty negotiations, […]

PAUL RYAN Gives Republicans an Ultimatum in Run for Speaker

Rep. Paul Ryan put conservatives of the House Freedom Caucus in a challenging position Tuesday when he announced that he will run for speaker only if the entire GOP conference unites behind him. Getting ahead of any possible conservative-led rebellion that could derail his bid for the speakership, the Wisconsin Republican wants assurances from different […]