May 27, 2022

Scottish Researchers Uncover Relic-Like Crystal Jar With Gold Inscription From Viking-Age Treasure Hoard

Nearly nine years after a metal detectorist in Scotland first stumbled on the largest hoard of Viking-age treasure ever unearthed in Britain or Ireland, its contents continue to yield new discoveries in the hands of researchers. The Galloway Hoard, found in 2014 by one Derrick McLennan from Ayrshire, consists of over 100 gold, silver, crystal,…

Breaking: Authorities Uncover ISIS Plot Against NYC

A plot inspired by ISIS aiming to kill “thousands” in New York City’s Times Square during the 2016 celebration of Ramadan was disrupted before it could occur, the Justice Department announced Friday. Although the plotters were discovered in 2016, the charges against them were not made public until Friday. The plot was foiled when the […]

DID WIKILEAKS UNCOVER A MURDER PLOT? – Podesta Documents Suggest Scalia Assassination

Wikileaks released another 2,000 Podesta emails on Thursday morning. This was the group’s 5th release on the Podesta emails. Now this— The internet blowing up over a document regarding Supreme Court Justice Scalia. A new theory has emerged that Hillary Clinton and her lackeys are linked to Justice Scalia’s death. TMN Today reported: The theory […]