September 27, 2021

Bernie Sanders silent on Cuban pro-freedom uprisings after praising Fidel Castro’s communist policies

SYSTEMATIC OPPRESSION As thousands of protesters took to the streets of Cuba Sunday evening calling for an end to the country’s communist regime, U.S. lawmakers are speaking out on social media in solidarity with the demonstrations. However, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., who has previously defended some of the policies of Cuba’s communist dictator Fidel Castro, […]

Populist Uprisings and the Inversion of Inflation

Today’s populism echoes that of the 1890’s, but changes to the economy have muddied the waters.Hotly contested elections are nothing new in this country, nor are elections fought around themes of populism. These battles have been fought as far back as the first iteration of American populism with James Weaver and his protégé William Jennings…