September 24, 2021

‘Egregiously Mishandled’: Vulnerable Democrats Distance from Biden After Afghanistan Disaster

Now that vulnerable House and Senate Democrats have distanced themselves from him, President Joe Biden may not enjoy the benefit of the “coattail effect” in the next midterm if the political winds keep blowing in the current direction. With Biden’s poll numbers sharply declining, Democrats holding onto vulnerable seats in 2022 now have to decide…

Vulnerable Democrats Attend Ritzy DCCC Fundraiser While Americans Are Trapped in Afghanistan

Vulnerable Democrats attended the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s (DCCC) ritzy annual fundraiser with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in Napa, California, while thousands of Americans remain trapped in Afghanistan. Americans in Taliban controlled Kabul face constant threats from terrorists. Meanwhile, Pelosi is using the annual DCCC fundraiser to convince vulnerable House Democrats to pass agenda items, such as…

Ilhan Omar Says It’s ‘Shameful’ Lawmakers Are Receiving Vaccine Before the Vulnerable: ‘We Are Not More Important’

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) took a drastically different position on the coronavirus vaccine being made available to members of Congress than her fellow “Squad” member Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), stating lawmakers are “not more important” than frontline workers. The Minnesota lawmaker responded to a question posed by Anand Giridharadas, publisher of The.Ink newsletter, who asked,…

Mystery Surrounds Obama’s Mass Clemencies…Revealed: PC Gov’t Data Collection, Reporting Hides Key Info, Keeps Americans Vulnerable…

The Department of Justice should keep the public informed about the results of former President Barack Obama’s decision to grant early releases to 1,715 convicts, says a former federal prosecutor. “What [Attorney General Jeff] Sessions Justice Department needs to do now is track the hundreds of fellows who got these pardons and commutations,” said former […]

American Elections Are Vulnerable to Wholesale Fraud

Bev Harris, elections expert and founder of Black Box Voting, believes our elections are vulnerable to wholesale fraud via manipulation of vote totals in the centralized computer databases. She recently appeared on the Alex Jones Show, where she demonstrated a computer script named Fraction Magic that can alter vote totals all the way down to […]

Stealing Votes from the Very Vulnerable – Nursing Home Voter Fraud

The Untold Story (June 2016) Democrats Trying to Lock Up the Alzheimer’s Vote with ‘Voting Day’ Events Is This Happening in Your Area? ( It appears that the Democratic Party is trying to commandeer the voting process in nursing homes in at least one locale in Virginia, and perhaps elsewhere.  A well-known Democratic operative asked […]