September 30, 2022

Inadequate Government Water Safety Standards Are Allowing Toxins in Public Water

Commentary We take it for granted. We turn on the kitchen or bathroom faucets in our homes and offices with every expectation that the water we receive is uncontaminated and not dangerous to our health. Unfortunately, pure water has become extinct. In this day and age, we cannot assume that water is pollutant-free—regardless of the

600 Mississippi National Guardsmen to Help Distribute Water in Jackson

As Mississippi residents continue to struggle with access to safe drinking water, the state’s governor said that 600 Mississippi National Guardsmen will be deployed to Jackson, the state’s capital, to assist with distributing bottled water. They and other groups are also being brought in to work on the O.B. Curtis Water Plant—one of the city’s two main…

Nevada’s Water Source Going Dry But Won’t Impact Las Vegas—For Now

Lake Mead and the Colorado River Basin are responsible for 90 percent of water for Southern Nevada and Las Vegas. They’re going dry. Indeed, as a result of depleting water levels during the drought, the Bureau of Reclamation cut Southern Nevada’s water allocation by 7 billion gallons last January. In January 2023, it’ll cut an…

New Zealand’s Capital City Is Running out of Water

The capital city of New Zealand, Wellington, is unable to provide enough water to meet demand, meaning water restrictions during the upcoming summer are almost inevitable. A report by Wellington Water told local councils that due to limited funding, it was unable to sufficiently maintain its aging water infrastructure, with many assets already beyond the…

Beijing Looking to Buy Deep Water Port, WWII Airstrip in Solomon Islands

A Chinese state-owned firm is investigating the purchase of a deep water port and a World War II-era airstrip and marine base in the Solomon Islands, according to new documents obtained by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. The China Forestry Group Corporation, under the direct control of Beijing, is scoping out acquisition targets, including a forestry…

Frank Luntz Dumps Cold Water On Dem Hopes Their Jan. 6th Theater Will Sway Voters

Pollster Frank Luntz told Fox News host Howard Kurtz Sunday that the hearings held by the Jan. 6 Select Committee were not swaying voters against former President Donald Trump.“This has simply not risen to the importance the Democrats thought it would and it’s not doing the damage to the Republican Party that the Democrats thought…

Greater ‘Understanding’ of Murray Darling Basin Communities Needed As Labor Appoints New Water Minister

A liberal senator in the state of South Australia has called on newly appointed environment and water minister, Tanya Plibersek, to visit communities across the Murray Darling Basin in order to have a greater “understanding” of rural and regional communities in Australia. Speaking to Sky News host, Chris Kenny on June 2, liberal senator Anne […]

South Australian Budget to Deliver Cost of Living Relief

The South Australian (SA) Labor government’s first State Budget will deliver cost of living relief to residents most in need as rising day-to-day expenses and high inflation continue to exert pressure. However, the Opposition argues that the Budget doesn’t include enough relief for households. Delivered on Thursday, the 2022-23 Budget will benefit pensioners and other […]

LA County Supervisor District 3 Candidates Debate Greenhouse Emissions, Water Shortage, Housing

LOS ANGELES—Candidates vying for a seat on Los Angeles County’s Board of Supervisors debated key environmental policy issues as the primary elections for county supervisors draw closer. On March 24, candidates for LA County Supervisor District 3—which spans from the Westlake Village to the San Fernando Valley to West Hollywood—participated in a debate hosted by…

Southwest Airlines Sued for Ejecting Woman Who Removed Mask to Drink Water

A 68-year-old woman has sued Southwest Airlines Co., claiming that the airline ejected her from a flight for removing her mask to drink water. The lawsuit concerns an incident which occurred in January 2021 on a Southwest flight due to depart from Reagan National Airport in Virginia to Palm Beach International Airport in Florida…

Nebraska governor to assert eminent domain over Colorado in fight over water supply

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts is planning to use eminent domain to take land in Colorado to build a canal off the South Platte River, claiming that a 99-year-old agreement allows him to do it. The two states signed the South Platte River Compact in April 1923, granting […]

US calls out China 'escalation' after Chinese coast guard fired water cannons at Philippine ships

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! The State Department called out China for its “escalation” in the South China Sea, saying it “directly threatens regional peace and stability,” while maintaining the United States’ commitment to supporting the Philippines. The People’s Republic of China Coast Guard blocked and used water cannons against Philippine resupply […]

Inmate’s Death Ruled Suicide via Acute Water Intoxication

SAN DIEGO—An inmate who died last spring at San Diego Central Jail intentionally killed himself by drinking so much water his body shut down, authorities reported Dec. 10. Lester Daniel Marroquin, 35, was found dead on the wet floor of his solo-occupant cell at the Front Street detention center on the afternoon of May 30…

Exclusive — Rep. Devin Nunes: California Democrats Create Water Shortages, Brownouts, Wildfires and Blame ‘Global Warming’

Democrats impose policies that create electricity and water shortages and wildfires while blaming “climate change” and “global warming,” Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) noted on Friday’s edition of the Breitbart News Daily podcast with host Alex Marlow. “California is not out of water because of global warming,” Nunes stated. “These fires aren’t happening because of global warming,…

San Francisco Declares Water Emergency, 5% Surcharge on Users

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission voted Tuesday to declare a water shortage emergency amid a crushing drought in the state that threatens water supplies throughout the region, slapping a 5% surcharge on water users in the city. California is in the midst of one of the worst droughts in its history. The drought from 2011-…

Watch: Water Cannon Deployed as Stone-Hurling Migrants Rush Polish Border, Officers Injured

The Polish government has congratulated its officers deployed on the EU’s Eastern frontier after they repelled the “first wave” of migrants who threw rocks and allegedly even “stun grenades” in an attempt to breach the border Tuesday morning. The European Union’s eastern frontier with Belarus at the Polish border town of Kuznica was the scene…

Largest Urban Water District in Southern California Declares Drought Emergency

The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, which represents six water agencies in densely-populated Southern California, declared a drought emergency Tuesday and urged residents to conserve water, as future conservation measures loom. The Los Angeles Times reported: Those water agencies, which supply cities in Los Angeles, Ventura and San Bernardino counties, have been instructed to activate…

Water District Partnership Brings Increased Water Supply, Habitat Restoration 

The Orange County Water District (OCWD) has entered into a partnership with the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) that will allow for increased water storage and habitat restoration behind the Prado Dam near Corona, Calif. It made the announcement May 5. The change comes as Lt. General Scott A. Spellmon signed off on a feasibility study April 22 that proposed an update to the…

Can Drinking Lots of Water Flush Out COVID-19?

krisanapong detraphiphatGetty Images Water is amazing stuff. About 71 percent of the earth’s surface is covered in it, and up to 60 percent of the human body is made of water. It’s essential for keeping us alive in plenty of ways—it helps you get rid of waste, helps you keep your body temperature regulated and…

Millions Of Water Bottles Found Rotting In Puerto Rico As San Juan Mayor Continues To Bash Trump.

San Juan Mayor Carmen YulĂ­n Cruz has repeatedly attacked President Donald Trump over the U.S. government’s response in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, even as 12 million bottles of water were discovered this week rotting on an airport runway in Puerto Rico. BuzzFeed News reports that “Justo HernĂĄndez, deputy federal coordinating officer of the Federal […]

NBC Continues to Ignore Menendez Corruption Trial to Cover Trump Drinking Water.

ďťż   Despite the newsworthiness of New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez’s trial on charges of corruption, NBC has remained largely silent over the Democrat’s shameful exposure. However, on Thursday, the Today show did find ample time to cover something really important:  President Trump’s own “Watergate.” The iconic Peacock staple devoted not one, but two segments to ridiculing […]

Hurricane Irma Arrives And Leaves Downtown Miami Submerged Under Water

The Tampa skyline is pictured across Hillsborough Bay ahead of the arrival of Hurricane Irma in Tampa, Florida, U.S., September 10, 2017. REUTERS/Chris Wattie Hurricane Irma made landfall in southern Florida on Sunday morning and has already left parts of downtown Miami completely underwater. Irma made landfall in the U.S. as a Category 4 storm […]

So, California Is Considering Taxing Drinking Water

So, in the land of progressivism that is the state of California, the legislature could be imposing a tax on drinking water aimed at repairing the state’s public water works. It will be 95¢ a month that is projected to generate $2 billion in revenue over the next 15 years. Surprisingly environmentalists and farmers have […]

Thousands Of Venezuelans Protest Socialist Government’s Extreme Corruption Scandal. Security Forces Respond With Tear Gas, Water Tanks.

For five days straight, thousands of Venezuelans have taken to the streets to protest government corruption in the face of a dire economic crisis. The country’s tired, poor, huddled masses clashed with officers in riot gear Saturday in a desperate attempt to challenge Hugo Chavez’s despotic successor, President Nicholas Maduro. Cries of “Liberty, Liberty!” rang […]

Criminal Charges Filed Against Government Officials for Flint Water Crisis

The federal government refused to hold its own officials accountable after the Environmental Protection Agency dumped millions of gallons of toxic water into the Animas River—a blunder that would likely result in a criminal conviction for a private party. Michigan’s attorney general, Bill Schuette, now deserves credit for doing what the federal government didn’t do: file criminal […]

Newsflash From The December ‘Jobs’ Report—–The US Economy Is Dead In The Water

Here’s a newsflash that CNBC didn’t mention. According to the BLS, the US economy generated a miniscule 11,000 jobs in the month of December. Yet notwithstanding the fact that almost nobody works outdoors any more, the BLS fiction writers added 281,000 to their headline number to cover the “seasonal adjustment.” This is done on the apparent truism that December is generally colder […]