April 19, 2021

Yikes: New report has VERY bad news for Democrats; Media SILENT

Ever since President Trump opened an investigation into illegal voting, liberals have been hard at work attempting to discredit the statistics. In the past, studies have revealed that a potential large number of illegal votes are cast in U.S. elections. Despite this, liberals refuse to accept the evidence, even going so far as claiming there […]

BREAKING: Yikes: Wikileaks founder drops EXPLOSIVE new claim about Hillary and ISIS – VIDEO

Julian Assange’s string of October Surprises have now evolved into November Surprises, with no end in sight. Among his explosive Wikileaks revelations were that Hillary Clinton stated in an email that she believed Saudi Arabia and Qatar to be funding ISIS. That alone is shocking, considering they’re allies of the U.S. for economic reasons. But that’s […]

Yikes: Voters in Nearly Every Demographic Say Hillary Broke the Law

The latest Rasmussen Reports survey about “emailgate” provides more bad news for Team Clinton. When 1,000 voters were asked if former Secretary of State and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton broke the law by using a private server to handle classified information, nearly 60 percent said “yes.” Fifty-nine percent (59%) of Likely U.S. Voters think it’s […]