August 12, 2022


In his second presidential term Barack Obama will radically transform the United States not only politically and
economically, but socially and ideologically. The current situation in the country requires that we urgently recognize two
facts or points of vital importance: #1 Lack of the necessary structure to connect with millions of Americans, Hispanics
and other minorities and #2 The need to change strategies and implement measures not considered in the past. These
two points have to be recognized and strategies and structures should be instituted immediately, well before the 2014
elections. This plan of action not only relates to the Hispanic population, but also partly includes the English speaking
population of this nation. To avoid the collapse of the country under the Socialist Obama Marxist regime and achieve a
national level of information and education able to change the outcome of the elections, Bear Witness Central suggests
that conservative and patriotic organizations follow this action plan for 2013.


The modification of the electoral process must be our main goal, even if it is the biggest challenge that we
face. The country needs a clean, transparent and legally verifiable electoral process; unfortunately this is not
the case now. Personal photo identification, must without exception, be a requirement in order to vote.
In addition, due to manipulation and fraud committed with electronic voting machines, the vote, with
limited exceptions must be in person and the count should be manual, eliminating the use of
electronic voting machines which help to commit fraud . We must
likewise recognize that when we have more time to vote, there is more time to commit fraud, therefore early
voting should be abolished or shortened. We must also make sure that the military receive their paper ballot for
at least 6 months before the date of the elections. Nothing that we do is worth anything without these changes
in the electoral process.

Our recommendation to rescue the White House from future extreme left or Socialist Presidents like Barack
Obama is as follows. We must change the system that gives all electoral votes to the one that wins the
popular vote in each State and implement a system where electoral votes are shared with the winner of the
popular votes of the Congressional districts and the winner of the popular vote in the State. Using Florida as an
example, if there had been this system of shared electoral votes, Obama would have received two electoral
votes from the two US Senators that are elected state-wide. Obama would have also received the electoral
votes of the Congressional districts where he had triumphed with the popular vote, and Romney would have
received a larger amount of electoral votes from the Congressional districts where he won the popular votes.
These fair changes may have a significant impact on the outcome on the final elections.


If we want to counter the growing influence of the left we need to have the necessary channels of information to do so.
The country needs at least one TV channel apart from Fox News and more radio stations that remove the mask of the
Socialist, Marxist and extreme liberal ideas of the left. This type of information is vital
and must be frequently provided to millions of Americans across the country beyond conservative circles, Tea Parties
and political organizations. Focusing on the economy and our unemployment is not enough. The economy can be
debated, ideologies cannot. The Socialist and the left extremist agenda should be exposed as it is. There is no reason
to hide the truth. Not doing so will only benefit the left in 2014, 2016 and generations to come.


It is imperative to recognize that more than 50 million Hispanics are currently living in the country and these minorities
will soon be our majority. The Hispanic community needs an organization similar to Freedom Connector where
Hispanics from across the country can share information, ideas, plans or events of national interest that the leftist and
liberal media hide from them daily. That organization can connect millions of Hispanics each day, being one of the best
sources of information for Spanish-speaking and attract hundreds of similar organizations. The left does everything
possible to keep Hispanics misinformed on a daily basis and it is in our hands to reverse that effect.


The creation of “websites” in Spanish or “websites” which are popular among already assimilated Hispanics who prefer
programming in English is an emergent need. For a long time, Univision, CNN, Huffington post, Yahoo, La Prensa, Terra,
Telemundo and others have dominated the Hispanic audience. This explains the lack of information and brainwashing of
millions of Hispanics living in the United States. The Heritage Foundation was able to recognize this need and decided to
launch a website in Spanish to educate the Hispanic community. Why not have other organizations follow the same
example? Socialist Univision programming on TV to Hispanics is not only in Spanish, but will also be in English soon,
reaching Hispanics who prefer speaking in English. It is also time that the Tea Party launch a national campaign in Spanish
to clarify their objectives and core values to dispel the image that the left maliciously created among Hispanics. Bear
Witness Central, under its site has information available in Spanish that other organizations and
Tea Parties may use and publish daily. In addition, our website has the Constitution of the United
States in English and Spanish.


We need to inform and educate the audience using social media in newspapers and popular political pages in the
country. Unfortunately the media is dominated by the left and used daily for indoctrination purposes, both in English as
well as in Spanish. There are currently no websites in the country who compete as equals with Huffington Post and
Univision, the political pages most popular in English and Spanish respectively. Bear Witness considers it vital to
publish daily conservative information in these media sources. The basic concept is to sell the product where the
customer is and this can be achieved through Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and websites on the internet. The more that we
ignore these communication channels, the greater the Socialist Marxist and liberal influence becomes in our country.
We must counteract this problem. Bear Witness Central has a program of information dissemination in Spanish and
English on these leftists’ sites, we need your help to inform and educate larger segments of the population using the
most popular newspapers and websites in the country. The use of the radio; television; and billboards for
advertisement on the roads; distribution of informational pamphlets to local organizations and churches; and
conferences aimed at the public are of critical importance to inform the population. It is critical that we maintain a
continuous amount of messaging going out to the general public in regards to the questionable legitimacy of POTUS,
the Socialist Marxist undermining of this country and the loss of freedom. One of the best ways is by the use of
billboards in various cities across the country.


1. Local events of different types offer a great opportunity to spread the message of patriotic and conservative
groups. The left frequently has representation in these events while the right is typically absent. Ideally we
should participate in these events to educate and recruit members to our organizations. The list and date of
these events can be obtained through local newspapers, internet, and chambers of Commerce in each State.
Several very popular annual events in the country include the celebration of Hispanic Heritage month; May 5;
Carnival Miami in Florida; Calle Ocho Festival in Miami; religious celebrations; national days of independence
and The National Hispanic Expo, where thousands of Hispanics visit every year. We must have a presence at
these events; and not miss any of these opportunities.

2. There are many well-known celebrities who support the Republican platform but millions are unaware of this
fact. As we all know, celebrities have much influence in the general population, especially young people.
Hollywood Liberals, leftists and Democrats take advantage of this frequently and during every election. We
need to publish interviews or comments by those celebrities regularly whether they are of American or
Hispanic origin. It is time that the country knows that there are patriotic conservative celebrities opposed to the
socialism/Marxist ideas of the current administration. Their voices need to be heard and we need to help
spread the message. These celebrities should be used for also reaching Hispanics with a message
appropriate in local events.


Currently one of the greatest political challenges is to connect with the Hispanic community. In this sense the left has
had great success spreading their deceiving message to Hispanics, even though the majority of them are conservative
and anti-socialist. We must first recognize that the Republican Party and conservative organizations have failed to
connect with Hispanics. The reason for this lack of communication is clear, the low priority and lack of activism. There
are many of conservative Hispanic organizations in the country that need the support of conservative national
organizations. With very few exceptions, these national organizations do not provide compelling information to the
Hispanic community or are not attempting to reach Hispanics. Conservative organizations need to concentrate more in
large cities and urban areas, which is where the highest concentration of Hispanics live. They must reach young
people who have already been influenced by their universities providing pro Socialist education. This
deficiency needs attention as soon as possible.

Detailed information was recently reported by The Heritage Foundation and the El Tercer Riel. To have a better
understanding of the severity and complexity of this problem and possible solutions we suggest reading both reports
here: How Conservatives Can Reach Hispanic Voters
voters/ and What Conservatives Are Doing Wrong With Hispanics And How To Fix It In a country where
more than 50 million Hispanics live, it is necessary that our organizations designate Spanish-speaking people to
contact and educate Hispanics in cities and States around the country. Once there is an available Hispanic team in
charge of this task each organization can connect with more Hispanics using the measures proposed in this document
and the above articles.


The largest error that has been committed is by us not to explaining the reality of what is happening in the United
States. There is no recognition that we are fighting against a Socialist dictatorship, a dictatorship of the 21st century . Constitutional dictators wait for the right time to get elected. For these
dictators correct conditions include economic, political and social crisis. After winning the election, they appeal to the
poor and those that want a change; they prepare the conditions for staying in power for a long time or indefinitely
maintain their system of Government. A this point a couple of important questions arise, if the President is eligible to
stay in his post, or if a process of impeachment should be initiated. It is very important that the Hispanic population, but
also the American population be informed about this Administration’s Socialist/Marxist ideology and that the
implications to the future of our nation be explained.


We achieve more strength by joining forces. This is a reality that needs to be cultivated. There are hundreds of
conservative, patriotic organizations and anti socialist who share the same concerns, values and objectives. We
currently have experts dedicated to inform and educate in every field of national interest; for example, Agenda 21,
Common Core, the Constitution of United States, immigration, the Hispanic community, terrorism, Socialism/Marxism,
free market and freedom of religion to name a few. The information available through these organizations is of vital
importance when we talk about the need to educate future or possible voters. Unfortunately many of these
organizations are unaware of the existence of others. We must help one another and disseminate information of
national interest that these organizations publish but that the media hide. Perhaps the two best examples of this
deficiency are the lack of information on the population in general on Agenda 21 and the growing Socialist Marxist
infiltration at all levels of our daily lives. We cannot lay back and deprive Americans of such information in our future
elections. The left has achieved great success by lying and destroying our constitutional principles. We need to
achieve similar success by telling the truth. The best way to achieve this is by promoting, coordinating and assisting
the work and effort of other organizations. This can be accomplished under free coalitions like the American Hispanic
Coalition that provides communication and coordination between organizations,
while remaining independent.


In order to reach Hispanics as well as Americans that are not aware of the direction that this Administration is taking
us, we need to plan and use innovative ideas. The formation of a Special Operations Team is crucial. This team
should be formed to coordinate involvement in local public events in every large and medium size city in the USA. This
team should get monetary support from major organizations and should work with local conservative groups for mutual
support. The idea is to get more involved in popular events to bring the conservative ideas and issues to the younger
generation, Hispanics and other groups that need to be brought to the Conservative realm. The team will contact
Conservative celebrities to take part in the local events and promote the Conservative issues. This team will be an
independent group or a team formed from the various major organizations.


This administration is passing laws that threaten freedom and people’s rights under the Constitution. These laws can
be repealed or nullified. Nullification is the act or set of acts that renders a particular law null, void, or unenforceable
within a specific area, city or state. There are many ways to nullify a law. A court can strike the law down, the
executive branch could refuse to enforce it, people might refuse to comply, states can pass laws making enforcement
illegal or refuse to cooperate with its enforcement. States have the right to nullify, or invalidate any federal law that a
state has deemed unconstitutional. Several states have already passed laws to nullify unconstitutional laws.
Conservative groups should contact their elected officials asking for nullification of unconstitutional laws in their areas.


This administration is waging a war against freedom of religion and Christian beliefs. There are several organizations
working to neutralize this war. Data is available which indicates a large number of Christians have, possibly
unknowingly, prolonged this war against religion by voting for this regime or not voting at all. This is partly because of
the control of the media by the left and the failure of some churches to effectively delve into politics and not explaining
the consequences of voting. We believe that one way to effectively convey the truth about this regime to Christians of
all denominations, is to go to where Christians meet at their churches. The truth can be delivered by giving out flyers
describing what this regime is doing to the education (Common Core) of our children, to the health care of our families
and to our freedom. Flyers should be prepared in English and Spanish, making them visually attractive, professionally
prepared and with directions to get additional information (links). We believe that this is a very important step and one
that will allow us to reach out into the Hispanic community as well as uninformed Americans.

Bear Witness Central recognizes that this plan is not easy and it will take time, dedication and help from major
organizations to implement it. However, we must admit something; the left has done it with great success, that is why
they are winning national, state and local elections. It will be impossible to change the course of events if we do not
recognize the mistakes made, the causes thereof and the need to change strategies. We have a big problem and we
need big changes. We have to get to those who are outside the circle of Republican conservatives. The typical and
traditional Republican strategy is failing and has cost us 2 elections that brought to power the most Socialist and liberal
President that the country has ever had. The Democratic strategy has been perfected and intends to destroy the
Republican Party. If drastic measures are not taken this will cause the loss of the House in 2014 and the 2016
presidential election.

Bear Witness strongly thinks that this action plan is feasible, one which has to be implemented quickly and
consistently. With your support we hope to disseminate these suggestions to conservative organizations in the country
and hopefully together we can avoid the devastating effect of Socialism/Marxism and the complete destruction of our
beloved country. With the help of major organizations, the above can be accomplished.
Bear Witness Central is a communication and action patriot group composed of Americans who have experienced
Socialism and/or Communism intervention during their lifetime, also joined by other concerned Americans . We are a
non-partisan group and our main objective is to labor to safeguard our Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the American
way of life.

Bear Witness Central