July 18, 2024


Pundits and other idiots are guessing and out-guessing each other because it makes no sense and they can’t see the forest for the trees. After 7 years of trying to make America more like Cuba what makes anyone think he is going there to make Cuba more like America? Barrack is what he is; an […]

Remember September 11th, The Saddest Day in America

As we commemorate 9-11 2001, the saddest day in America’s recent memory, it is with heavy heart and tremendous misgiving that I can only think we are commemorating this day by surrendering to the enemy that attacked us in 2001. How will history judge this generation? How will God judge us? A Republican party, having […]

Robert Reich; Propagandist

Equality is an over rated, unachievable, inhuman aspiration worked to death by socialists. All men are not born equal and the prospect that inequality is man-made and unfair is strictly a Socialist prodding tool used to create dissatisfaction and unrest among the proletariat. When the nonproductive masses rebel against the productive minority dictators fan the […]