October 1, 2022

Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) Mean the Death of Free Markets

  Have you wondered why so many companies were so quick to go WOKE and destroy America?  Could it be that as companies became GLOBAL, America became irrelevant?  Global Corporate CEO’s and VP’s took money, tax rebates, grants, subsidies etc.  from the American Taxpayer and many purchased multiple residences all over the world.  Life without […]

They Think Like Communists Because They Are Communists

This administration is filled with a group of globalists who think like communists. Do not think they are Americans. When you analyze their actions, you must think like a communist. For it is only then will their actions make sense. Communists must crush the American middle-class. The goal is to marginalize individuals and force them […]


So as we followed politics, what else happened in the world? John Kerry signed onto the UN Paris Climate  Agreement – without congressional approval.  This will ELIMINATE America’s sovereignty as decisions will be made by the UN. The UN chooses the refugees and vets them – States are saying NO but Obama could care less […]

Coming to America: One Invader Every 27 Seconds.

Over the years we have been reporting on illegal immigration.  We have shown you that Agenda 21/2030 calls for NO Borders.  It requires and demands that the UN be the end-all and be all for its One World Governance. All policies must comply with the UN. One just needs to look at the actions of […]


AMERICANS: This newsletter is long because so much is happening SO FAST…as UN Agenda 21 ramps up implementation.  I need to get everyone up to speed!!  There are 3 basic tenets of the UN Agenda 21 Platform:    ABOLISH ♦ INDOCTRINATE ♦ DEPOPULATE Just like I’ve mentioned in previous newsletters for the LAST 5 YEARS:  […]


The UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has a program called “Education for All” that includes the same people and same ideas as the U.S. Education Department’s Common Core. The Global Fund for Education was formulated by the UN, “agreed to” by Barack Obama, funded by Bill Gates, and Common Core was imposed on […]


Education is the single common-denominator for a healthy individual, family and country.  There is no doubt that the higher quality (not quantity) the education is, the more innovative, creative, productive, and successful the Population is, and the better the country is. Is this a problem? In this article, we examine the effect of a poor […]

2015 – The Year of Action

Hello Americans: I enjoy saying that. We are Americans, and in 2015, I will not use any hyphens. No African-American,  Latino-American, Jewish-American, Christian-American. America is a noun, not an adjective. America is not described by adjectives. I am done with that nonsense! We are all simply, and truly AMERICANS.  My first action! Over the past […]


Fellow Americans: I hope you had an opportunity to listen to one of the many recordings of Jonathan Gruber, designer of Obamacare. Jonathan told the world that Americans are STUPID – and therefore must be lied to, for their own good – in order to pass new laws designed to CONTROL them!! (READERS: HEADS UP! […]

Two Lies do not make one Truth…………

A LIE is defined as a false statement to a person or group made by another person or group who knows it is not the whole truth, intentionally. As a teacher I watched as new texts moved away from history and fact into emotion and fiction. History altered in texts, were forced upon unsuspecting students. […]

Are we being Intentionally Misled?

Fellow Americans: The American way to help people is to empower them by telling the truth. Americans who can not read will never learn the truth and will always be slaves. Proud to Be an American… During one of the most holy weeks in our Judeo-Christian heritage, Americans reflect on what is was like to […]

Are we being Intentionally Misled?

Yes we are. Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is the rock upon which our restructured education is based:  international workforce training.  It also recommends the Reinventing School Coalition (Marzano/DeLorenzo) restructuring program that calls for doing away with grades in K-12: A,B,C,D,F, and allows for graduation at 14 – 21.  It uses the stimulus […]


Your help is needed Please go to this link and download this letter sent to AG Pam Bondi. http://americanfreedomwatchradio.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/1Letterbondi. pdf Send the letter to every legislator, news outlet, social media and email list you can find. Man made climate, GHG, sustainable development , CCS and every program in America is wrong.   Funding for these programs […]

State Representative Matt Gaetz (R) supports Common Core.

A LETTER TO STATE REPRESENTATIVE You are right you have become a big disappointment. Obviously you never read any lessons in the common core curriculum and you certainly are not listening to your constituents.   You are promoting communism, progressivism, distorted American history, activism in the third grade, unions and Chez as heros. You will eliminate […]

A “Common Core” for a Global Community

“The task before UNESCO… is to help the emergence of a single world culture with its own philosophy and background of ideas and with its own broad purpose.” [1] Julian Huxley, the first head of UNESCO, 1947. The goal of education has changed! Our schools no longer teach the kind of literacy, history, math, and […]

Stop Funding Lies!

Lies are necessary to scare the public to redistribute wealth by taking from those who have (taxation) and give to those who will continue to vote the right way. If the truth were know, taxation, fees, subsidies, permits for: green energy programs, easements, conservation, man made global warming, sustainability, education, food etc would be put […]

National Sovereignty Is a Gift of the United Nations

General Assembly, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, at an informal meeting on Sept 11 stated, “embrace diversity” or face the intervention of regional and international bodies that will step in to “protect and empower” the people living under the offending regime.  Diversity is a national security issue.  A country with open borders and a variety of […]

Christianity is our foe…Word manipulation used for control

“Christianity is our foe. If animal rights are to succeed, we must destroy the Judeo-Christian Religious tradition.” – Peter Singer, founder of Animal Rights “Childbearing should be a punishable crime against society, unless the parents hold a government license. All potential parents should be required to use contraceptive chemicals, the government issuing antidotes to citizens […]