September 24, 2022

Biden senior adviser Gene Sperling questions what an easing of inflation would look like

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! Senior adviser to President Biden Gene Sperling questioned what an easing of inflation would look like and whether it would be enough Friday on “Your World.” 3 WAYS BIDEN MAKES INFLATION WORSE SPERLING: I think most of the signs there suggest that inflation will ease. I think […]

Gianno Caldwell torches Chicago Mayor Lightfoot for refusing to acknowledge her city’s crime problem

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! Fox News political analyst Gianno Caldwell blasts Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot for “gaslighting” McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski after he condemned the city’s crime problem on Friday’s “Your World.” ILLINOIS’ SAFE-T ACT ENDING CASH BAIL WILL ALSO FURTHER ‘HANDCUFF’ POLICE WITH NEW PROVISIONS: EXPERTS GIANNO CALDWELL: The mayor […]

EXCLUSIVE: Missouri AG Eric Schmitt Hits Back at Democrat’s ‘Fascist’ Label After Backing Trump in DOJ Legal Battle

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt, the Republican candidate for Missouri’s Senate seat, hit back at a Democrat for labeling him a “fascist” for his defense of former President Donald Trump’s con­sti­tu­tion­al rights following the Biden administration Department of Justice’s (DOJ) unprece­dent­ed raid of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort.  In an exclusive statement to Breitbart News on Friday

NewsMax Adria – Cela Emisija – 20.09.2022.

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WATCH: Protester Sets Arm on Fire at Laver Cup Before Roger Federer’s Last Tournament

A protester ran onto the court at the Laver Cup in London on Friday and lit his arm on fire hours before tennis legend Roger Federer was due to compete in his final match. The shocking display took place at the O2 Arena. A protester in blue jeans and a tee shirt ran onto the

‘Shouldn’t Always Equate Fun with Money:’ Google Boss Sundar Pichai Lectures Woke Leftist Employees

Google CEO Sundar Pichai recently addressed employees at an all-hands meeting where he expressed his annoyance with the company’s leftist employees and their sense of entitlement. Pichai said, “I remember when Google was small and scrappy,” and added that, “We shouldn’t always equate fun with money.” The comments come in response to complaints that the

Florida declares state of emergency, Hurricane Fiona barrels on & more | LiveNOW from FOX

Guest Host Sean Hayes on Jan 6th Hearings, OAN’s Hard-Hitting Journalism & He Guesses “Who’s High?”

Guest host Sean Hayes rings in night two filling in for Jimmy, we celebrate the first day of summer, today is National Selfie Day …

CPS Launches Legal Challenge After Bail Granted Because of Barristers’ Strike

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has launched a legal challenge after several judges released suspects on bail because delays caused by the barristers’ strike meant they had exceeded their custody time limits. The CPS has been granted the right to have a judicial review of at least three cases where judges rejected an application by

Inadequate Government Water Safety Standards Are Allowing Toxins in Public Water

Commentary We take it for granted. We turn on the kitchen or bathroom faucets in our homes and offices with every expectation that the water we receive is uncontaminated and not dangerous to our health. Unfortunately, pure water has become extinct. In this day and age, we cannot assume that water is pollutant-free—regardless of the

Florida deputy killed by illegal immigrant in hit-and-run before fleeing scene, sheriff says

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! A man arrested in the death of a Florida sheriff’s deputy was living in the United States illegally, sources told Fox News.  Juan Ariel Molina-Salles, 32, is charged with leaving the scene of an accident. The charge stems from the Thursday hit-and-run death of Pinellas County sheriff’s […]

Drowning of Russian Executive Latest in a String of Mysterious Deaths

The recent death of a Russian executive who fell into the sea is the latest in a string of mysterious deaths among Russian executives, many with ties to the energy industry. According to local media in the Russian Far East city of Vladivostok, Ivan Pechorin, the aviation director of Far East and Arctic Development Company […]

Yen Buoyant After Intervention, Dollar Powers Ahead

SINGAPORE—The yen was heading on Friday to its first weekly gain in more than a month after Japanese authorities intervened in markets to support the yen for the first time since 1998, while a towering dollar kept other currencies pinned near multi-year lows. The yen was up about 0.1 percent at 142.22 per dollar in […]

Coal Miners Help Couple After Their Electric Car Runs Out of Battery Right Outside the Mine

A Washington, DC, couple left stranded after their electric car ran out of battery was saved by none other than coal miners who were working nearby. Despite the ongoing push toward energy-efficient vehicles, the guys were more than happy to push the stranded car to the mine to get it recharged. West Virginia State Senator Randy Smith […]

Behar Compares Abortion Bans in U.S. to Women Killed in Iran

Joy Behar told her co-hosts Friday on ABC’s “The View” that they should be “standing in solidarity in this country for men trying to control us with their abortion laws” while discussing the demonstrations in Iran following the death of Mahsa Amini. Amini was allegedly beaten by police and died last week over her hijab.

Ana Navarro to DeSantis, Republicans: Flying Migrants to Massachusetts ‘Is Not Christian’

Ana Navarro told her co-hosts Friday on ABC’s “The View” that Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) flying migrants to Martha’s Vineyard was “not Christian.” Navarro said, “First, I think DeSantis is going to run whether Trump runs or not.” She continued, “This is something that strikes me very personally. First of all, I’m a Floridian …

New York Bans ‘Gendered Language’ In New ‘Salespeople’ Law

New York Governor Kathy Hochul signed a bill Thursday that will ban the word “salesman” and other instances of “gendered language” in certain New York statutes.Senate Bill 536 replaces instances of the word “salesman” with the word “salespeople” and replaces instances of the pronouns “his” or “her” with “their” in New York legislation. “This legislation

Behar Compares Abortion Bans in U.S. to Women Killed in Iran

Joy Behar told her co-hosts Friday on ABC’s “The View” that they should be “standing in solidarity in this country for men trying to control us with their abortion laws” while discussing the demonstrations in Iran following the death of Mahsa Amini. Amini was allegedly beaten by police and died last week over her hijab.

Hurricane Fiona updates, Ukraine updates on war with Russia and more top stories | LiveNOW from FOX

RUSSIA’s TANKING Moment Ukraine breaks through Russia’s defence in spectacular fightback in key occupied area

Moment Ukraine breaks through Russia’s defence in spectacular fightback in key occupied area UKRAINE has broken through Russia’s first line of defence in a spectacular fightback in a key occupied area. Forces yesterday launched a huge offensive in the southern Kherson region, seized early in the invasion. 3 Ukraine has broken through Russia’s first line […]

THIS IS NOT A DRILL: 33 Things We Know about The Coming Food Shortages

The ongoing epidemic of food processing plants mysteriously burning to the ground, droughts, and the apparent co-ordinated attack on agriculture – these a just a few elements currently creating the ‘perfect storm’ for global food shortages. In 2022, global food production has been way down, meaning that food that hasn’t been grown this year won’t […]

Kenney Calls for Energy Industry Support in Alberta’s Challenge of Federal Impact Assessment Law

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney has called on his province’s energy industry to intervene in the provincial government’s court challenge of the federal Impact Assessment Act (IAA). The IAA, or Bill C-69, which received royal assent in 2019 and which Kenney dubbed the “no more pipelines” bill, allows the federal government to consider the impacts of

Officials: 8 Injured in Chicago Apartment Building Explosion

CHICAGO—Eight people were rushed to hospitals after being injured when an explosion Tuesday tore through the top floor of a Chicago apartment building, officials said. The explosion at the 36-unit, four-story apartment building in the South Austin neighborhood occurred at about 9 a.m., officials said. Chicago Fire Department Deputy Chief Marc Ferman told reporters a […]

Iowa Republicans Respond to Democrat Mike Franken’s Alleged Unwanted Advances Towards ‘Several’ Woman

Iowa Republicans responded to the accusations surrounding Mike Franken, Iowa’s Democrat U.S. Senate nominee, where his former campaign manager accused him of making “several” unwanted advances toward women, including herself. On Monday, Mike Franken — who is 64, married, and has two children — was accused by his former campaign manager, Kimberley Strope-Boggus, in an unearthed police report, of “grabb[ing] the collar

Police Sources: Woman Allegedly Throws 3-Year-Old Nephew into Lake Michigan Off Chicago’s Navy Pier

Surveillance footage appears to show a woman allegedly showing her three-year-old nephew into Lake Michigan off Chicago’s Navy Pier, according to police sources. The boy was retrieved from the water at the 700 block of E. Grand around 1:23 p.m. Monday, according to the Chicago Fire Department. Emergency officials arrived at Navy Pier at 1:32

Newsmax Host Says Kim Kardashian An ‘Existential Threat To America’ | The Kyle Kulinski Show

Support The Show On Patreon!: Subscribe to Krystal Kyle & Friends On Substack!: Follow Kyle on Twitter: “The first time I ever really listened to Kyle Kulinski’s show was in the back of a cab last summer. The driver had his phone hooked up through the stereo and was pumping out an episode through the […]

Dr. Oz: How can you vote for someone who hides from you?

Dem-Appointed Judge Opens The Door To More Men Being Housed In Women’s Prisons

A Democrat-appointed judge ruled that the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) applies to individuals with gender dysphoria, meaning transgender people will now be protected by the ADA. The ruling opens up the possibility of future cases using the ADA to require prisons to allow biological males into women’s prisons if they identify as transgender, although

LIV Golf may need a mulligan on Capitol Hill

“It was basically propaganda. They’re just pushing their deal, and I don’t care,” said Rep. Tim Burchett (R-Tenn.), who exited the room early as Norman met with the Republican Study Committee, the House GOP’s largest caucus. “Honestly, this shouldn’t be taking up our time. This is a conservative organization, and we ought to be dealing

Trump: NY AG James Lawsuit ‘Continuation of Witch Hunt’ –

Former President Donald Trump said Wednesday on FNC’s “Hannity” that New York Attorney General Letitia James’s civil lawsuit was a “continuation of a witch hunt.” Trump said, “She campaigned on it four years ago. It was a vicious campaign, and she just talked about Trump, and we are going to indict him, and we are going to