June 14, 2024


Times have changed… people and society have also changed.  The old-traditional type of dictatorship is history; there is a new kind, for evil has mutated. Trying to fight these new dictators using our traditional methods is like trying to kill a rhino with a feather pillow.

When democracy “defeated” Communism back in 1991, many world leaders thought that it was dead, but it was not.  Communism was mutating, forced by its inability to win the final battle in the traditional field of brute force.

It only forced Communism to look for another way to win world power. Communists took three steps backwards and about two thousands steps forward.  They changed weapons of mass destruction for electronic voting machines.  They used corruption to buy consciousness.  The first task on the agenda of these new constitutional dictators, after they gain power through elections, is to destroy the economy.

Communists are the master of deceits. These new dictators, the “constitutional dictators”, come to power through elections, as we may all know.  But popularity is based on deception and populism, which go together hand in hand.  

We Americans didn’t know what populism was.  We are getting a taste of it right now. Once in power, these new dictators start manipulating public opinion, dividing society in two groups: their allies (“patriots” to them) and their enemies (“traitors” to them).  We have started to hear some allegorical adjectives already.  They are charismatic and make good use of the media, especially the audiovisual media.  In order to stay in power, they make a good use of the “co-suckers” (The “co-suckers” play the opposition’s role, attack the regimen in many ways, but they are always there to serve the tyranny’s interest when the time arrives, confusing their followers, readers or viewers.)  “useful fools”, and – of course – the complicity of the international community.

By the time we find out what the truth is and who they really are, it would – probably – be too late.

Obama’s Dictatorship is almost complete:  The Senate voted yes on the National Defense Authorization Act