June 21, 2024

Remember September 11th, The Saddest Day in America

Defend American FreedomAs we commemorate 9-11 2001, the saddest day in America’s recent memory, it is with heavy heart and tremendous misgiving that I can only think we are commemorating this day by surrendering to the enemy that attacked us in 2001. How will history judge this generation? How will God judge us?

A Republican party, having majority control of both houses, couldn’t muster 60 votes to stop a presidential agreement, illegally conceived and contrived to provide the enemy the most significant victory in their protracted, vicious campaign against America, Christianity and Judaism, despite or because of all we symbolize to the free world and contribute to civilization. The American people are vehemently opposed to this “Agreement” by a significant majority but will not take action against the politicians that ignore our voice and betray us to give Barrack Hussein Obama the culminating victory of his illegitimate presidency.

Some politicians, especially loyal Democrats, are blinded by partisan concerns, party loyalty and in some cases bribes and intimidation, which has worked to undermine the Constitutional Republic for generations. It is illogical but irrefutable that they do not see or do not care that the lives of not only millions of Americans are at stake but the lives of countless human beings world wide, who cannot adapt to the new world order, due to their reckless political acts. Millions of tragic deaths at the hands of Islamic Terrorists on seven Continents just in the span of their own political careers, do not move them.

Republicans may be the worse offenders because in order to give the Democrats power when they lack the numbers to make demands, Republicans abandon the conservative values they claim to espouse, or are supposed to believe in. Obviously most believe only in working the political ins and outs for their personal financial benefit or aggrandizement. There is no greater opportunity to capitalize on the career we gave them, than when a matter of crucial importance is to be decided on. The heart-wrenching, soul-searching process they feign to make the right decision is really code for “my vote is for sale”. It is as if they don’t know right from wrong without a road map when it should be instinctive. Democrats and Republicans have sold this country down the river for decades but in times of survival of the Republic and indeed civilization as we know it, you would think they would not be so short-sighted and perhaps rally to the flag. We must deduce that our political system is corrupt beyond redemption at this point.

To the thousands of Lives lost in the demolition of the Twin Towers and Flight  93 near Shanksville, PA., I beg your forgiveness and pray that one day your sacrifice will be avenged and we the people can once again make claim to the high ideals and moral high ground we thrived on but took for granted.

I pray that Barrack Obama is stopped in his tracks, prosecuted, held to account and punished accordingly. Obviously we have not yet recognized the dire situation we are in; until we do, how do we begin the restoration? Obama promised transformation and we stood still for it…He has dismantled this Republic in favor of a foreign ideology to which he is committed. It is sadly ironic that on the day we commemorate a successful attack on our nation we allow a rogue president to give our enemy the tools with which to keep its promise to destroy us; and he is doing it unilaterally, unfettered by the Constitution, checks and balances or the conscience of the nation. .

Send all incumbents packing. Enact a law that prohibits for life any person who has served in Congress to ever be president of the United States.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”