August 12, 2022

Robert Reich; Propagandist

Equality is an over rated, unachievable, inhuman aspiration worked to death by socialists. All men are not born equal and the prospect that inequality is man-made and unfair is strictly a Socialist prodding tool used to create dissatisfaction and unrest among the proletariat. When the nonproductive masses rebel against the productive minority dictators fan the flames of dissatisfaction and ride the waves of discontent to power.

Equality essentially exists only at the starting gate and at the finish line is where the variables are exposed. But Socialists believe winners cheated and deny the obvious. Communists organize the losers and institutionalize their circumstances, punish success and reward failure. Since failure is far more frequent than success they appeal to the masses. Accept your status and government will legislate fairness and tax the rich to take care of you.

Using propaganda tools to promote the non sequitur that Capitalist-created wealth is only achieved by the exploitation of the “less fortunate” is a fundamental strategy used by Communists and Socialists since the beginning of time to justify draconian taxation, confiscation and mass redistribution. By eliminating the infrastructure capitalists and entrepreneurs relied on and require to create wealth fewer people can achieve success and the middle class is deprived of opportunity. Inevitably the gap between rich and poor widens. For socialism to find acceptance in America, a nation that achieved extraordinary success by unleashing capitalism in an unfettered environment, entrepreneurs had to be punished and discouraged and capitalism discredited and vilified.

After fifty or sixty years of intensive persecution and selective enforcement of inequitable rules and regulations America has crossed the threshold of imbalance. More than half the country is dependent on government assistance and we are no longer regenerating a middle class. Entrepreneurs are deprived of a fair and accessible resource for new capital, investors are forced into long term arrangements with little prospect of an exit strategy though shared risk and equity markets; a perfect time to launch a propaganda film and “Inequity for All”, is a Robert Reich diatribe worthy of the Nazi Award for Repressive Propaganda. My book, Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C., relates the history of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s agenda to discourage and punish small investors and surgically remove the Broker Dealer complex that underwrote start up and emerging growth companies, intentionally creating a hostile environment for American entrepreneurs. Inequity For all blames today’s stagnation on Capitalism. If there was ever an illogical contradiction of cause and effect Reich’s explanation boggles the Conservative mind.

Robert Reich’s new movie is the biggest piece of disingenuous socialist propaganda ever foisted on a nation, aptly named “Inequity for All”. It makes the claim that 400 individuals in America have more wealth than 95 present of the country and uses that data to prove that capitalism doesn’t work; a nonsequitur that Americans, who now find themselves far short of their youthful aspirations, seize upon to assign blame where it doesn’t belong. The perfect Socialistic, authoritarian, desired conclusion which is the purpose of propaganda.

These socialist ideological misfits fail to mention how we arrived at this juncture, assuming it is accurate. Robert Reich, educated in the halls of communist dogma, now feels vindicated for his once inappropriate communist beliefs and unashamedly places the blame for today’s woeful financial and social contradictions on Capitalism, insinuating that the way to rectify our economic conundrum is to embrace the Communist/Socialist doctrine that is the true root of our fall from grace.

The brain trusts we allowed to grow and fester in American academia attract and produce the Robert Reich’s who use their wiles and intellect to bring about social unrest through economic strife. They indoctrinate our vulnerable ideological youth with Communist dogma, preaching fairness, bemoaning inequality and they never accept responsibility for their results. Never in the history of the world has any socialist society produced wealth and evidence proves that Socialism leads to dictatorships. To discredit the greatest shining example of man’s potential for success in a free market society is a crime against humanity; and Communists and dictators of all stripe are usually found where human suffering abounds. They have the ability to convince coal miners to demand the right to work above ground, not produce coal and demand pay for their audacity. When they are out of work capitalists are to blame.

We are losing the war of words and propaganda is effective because we fight the message and lose track of the transformation that robs us of our heritage and Constitutional rights. You can sugar coat oppression but you can’t deny it exists. Inequity for All would have us believe that two hundred and forty years of Capitalism and successful wealth creation resulted in poverty and unfair wealth distribution. Robert Reich probably believes his fantasy but those of us who love America for her Judea Christian doctrine of self sufficiency will never be convinced.

Act to save America. Demand that Barak be removed and held accountable.

God bless America,