June 14, 2024


illegal-immigrant-in-jail-AP-Photo-640x480Just after reporting how murders in next door Mexico have soared, so that there are now more than the combined war zones of Afghanistan and Iraq, we learn, much to the surprise of law enforcement officials, that murders in U.S. big cities are soaring as well.

Could there be a connection to illegal immigration? Ya think?

New U.S. government reports show in the last year murder rates in American cities have spiked dramatically as well. The list below show some of the highest increases:

Chicago ^ 20% (Sanctuary City)

New Orleans ^ 33% (Sanctuary City)

St Louis ^ 36% (Bad Politician-Police Relations)

Houston ^ 50% (Sanctuary City)

Baltimore ^ 60% (Sanctuary City, Bad Politician-Police Relations)

Milwaukee ^ 85% (Sanctuary City)

Milwaukee has become a war zone.

Living with gunshots in Milwaukee, as in the war zones of Iraq and Afghanistan, has become a way of life. There, eighty percent of gunshots picked up by sensors used by law enforcement go unreported to police. Sounds like a war zone to me. Instead the Milwaukee Police chief cites “absurdly weak” gun laws as a cause.

Law enforcement officials are in a quandary as to why.

They cite increased gang violence and drugs. Yet, isn’t that the problem in Mexico? Some also cite poor political support of police by politicians. Yet neither a Fox News or a USA Today report names illegal immigration as even part of the problem.

While San Diego and Los Angeles are in the state with the largest illegal immigrant population and report reduced murder rates, one wonders if the politically correct politicians once again don’t want to admit reality.

We know of one death increase in those murder statistics in San Francisco—Kate Steinle. Drugs from Mexico easily flow across the unprotected southern border of the United States, and this shouldn’t be considered as a problem?

Ya think?