September 28, 2021

Hah! Trump Disses TIME on “Man (Person) of the Year” Award – Won’t Sit for Photo Shoot, But “Thanks Anyway”

President-elect Donald Trump was named Person of the Year in 2016 by far left TIME magazine.

How could he not be Person of the Year? He dominated 16 formidable primary opponents. Then he defeated the most powerful and corrupt Democrat in the country.

And Trump accomplished this despite constant attacks by the liberal media, Republican elites and a criminal Obama regime who spied him and his campaign for several months.

President Trump still commands headlines at will from a highly partisan press.

There was no other challengers for “Person of the Year” award this year.

But the Republican President told TIME Magazine to pound sand this year after they teased him with the annual award.

President Trump tweeted this out to TIME Magazine on Black Friday:

Source: The Gateway Pundit