April 24, 2024

Kennedy: Putting Kamala Harris in Charge of Border Crisis Like Making Lance Armstrong Drug Czar

During this week’s broadcast of “Sunday Morning Futures” on the Fox News Channel, Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) took issue with President Joe Biden’s call to make Vice President Kamala Harris the central authority figure in dealing with the U.S.-Mexico border crisis.

He likened the move to putting disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong as the head of drug policy, noting Harris once compared border agents to members of the Ku Klux Klan.

“After visiting the border, I understand why President Biden has blocked the press,” he said. “I’m not sure there are words in English, Maria, to describe it. It was mind-numbing. If it’s not a crisis, it will do until one gets here. President Biden is allowing in anywhere from 3,000 to 4,000 people a day. That’s about a million to a million-and-a-half a year. They’re not just coming from Central America and Mexico; 55 different nationalities are represented. This is not hard to figure out if you think about it. The — traditionally, America’s immigration policy, especially under President Biden — President Obama, was this. Anyone who is caught is allowed in. And anyone who is allowed in is not deported. The Trump administration and the Republican Congress changed all that. We secured the border. We did the safe third country agreements. We built the wall. We established the remain-in-Mexico program.

“President Biden comes in, and he dismantles everything,” Kennedy continued. “And he basically re-adopts President Obama’s policy, but on methamphetamines. He also issued a moratorium on all deportations. Now, unless you have been in lockdown too long, you know that one or two — of two things are going on. Either President Biden believes in open borders, or the people that he has put in charge of his immigration policy may be smart, but they don’t have any sense. They don’t have the sense that God gave a goose. I mean, reality calls, and they hang up. And now President Biden has put Vice President Harris in charge of fixing it. I know the vice president. She’s a lovely person. I sat on Judiciary with her. But that’s like — that’s like putting a Lance Armstrong in charge — as drug czar, in charge of our drug programs.”

“I mean, she’s called the Border Patrol a bunch of Ku Klux Klanners,” he added/

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