December 8, 2021

Ex-Democrat Elbert Guillory Launches ‘Free At Last’ PAC for Black Conservatives

Elbert Lee Guillory

(Photo: facebook/Elbert Lee Guillory)
GOP Louisiana State Senator Elbert Lee Guillory.

Charging that liberalism has destroyed black America, Louisiana State Senator Elbert Lee Guillory, who quit the Democratic Party for the GOP more than two months ago has launched “Free At Last,” a PAC dedicated to electing black conservatives to higher office.

“Today I am happy to announce that I have been asked to serve as the honorary chairman of the Free At Last PAC because I believe the Republican Party has conceded the black vote for long enough,” said Guillory in a just over four-minute YouTube video launching the PAC on Sunday.

“Currently, over 90 percent of black Americans vote exclusively for Democrats despite the fact that the values of the Republican Party far better represent the values of the black community,” he added.

Before making that statement, however, he explained why big government isn’t good for America’s economy and promoted capitalism as the best system under which everyone can benefit.

“Nothing spreads true wealth like competition,” said Guillory.

Free At Last

“Only capitalism can provide the upward mobility for the meekest of us to break the shackles of poverty and rise into the middle class. This is what we call the American dream and Republicans have always been the champions of capitalism,” he said.

“In recent history, we have done a terrible job of articulating these values to a new audience. The truth is, today, black Americans know little about the Republican Party. Republicans have spent too long cowering behind closed doors and acting ashamed of the very values that made America the shining city on a hill,” he said.

“Liberalism has nearly destroyed black America. And now it’s time for black America to return the favor,” he added.

“There are dozens of good solid Black Republican candidates out there seeking federal office,” said Free at Last President Derek Babcock in a release noted in a report from The Washington Times. “We’re trying to create a resource for them so that they can compete. It’s time for more Black Republicans to be in congress.”

According to the report, the Free at Last PAC has plans “to continue using both traditional and new media as well as grassroots campaigns, to reach out to Black Americans about Republican values.”