December 3, 2021

“Barack Obama is a goddamn liar”; Intelligence Veterans’ Reactions to Obama Speech

Two leading retired intelligence officials, both signators on the Sept. 6 statement opposing an attack on Syria circulated by the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS), commented on Obama’s raving UN General Assembly speech. Col. W. Patrick Lang (USA-Ret.) wrote on his blog on Sept. 16 that:
“This was basically a hectoring lecture given to the leaders of the world by someone who sees himself as their “daddy.” BHO laid down the law to the rest of the world and asserted that the United States, although slightly chastened by the experiences of the last decade still clings to the notion that it is the “big kid” in the school yard and that what we say “goes.” It was very much an R2P talk. Looking at Ambassador Powers seated at Kerry’s side I wondered if she and Susan Rice wrote this diatribe. I am struck by the tone of the thing. I imagine that this is a speech that his mother would have approved. Rice, Powers and Slaughter seem very like what I imagine Obama’s mother to have been. I wonder if HC would keep them in her first term.”

Retired CIA and State Dept. officer Larry Johnson said, “Obama may be a failure as a President and Leader, but he is audacious and free of any sense of shame. How else to interpret his delusional claims before today’s United Nations General Assembly.” Using Obama’s own statements on Syria, Johnson says, “Barack Obama is a goddamn liar,” and cites the Robert Fisk article of Sept. 22 where Fisk presents evidence demolishing the assertions that the Syrian government carried out the Aug. 21 chemical attack.

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