December 3, 2021

Judge Napolitano Warns: Obama Can Be Indicted as ‘War Criminal’ If He Carries Out ‘Illegal’ Strike on Syria

Judge Andrew Napolitano warned Monday that President Barack Obama can be indicted as a war criminal if he goes forward with a unilateral military strike against Syria without the consent of the United Nations.

Napolitano told Fox News host Shepard Smith that there are “four universally accepted” reasons under international law for taking military action and a strike on Syria does not fit under any of them.

According to Napolitano, a strike would thus be “illegal” under international law, which would put Obama at risk of being indicted.

“The president runs the risk of being declared a war criminal by a magistrate in the EU,” he said.

“If they indict him as a war criminal, an indictment for which there’s no statute of limitations, after he leaves the White House, he can’t go to Europe for fear of having to confront this,” Napolitano added.

Watch the segment below, courtesy of Mediaite: