August 16, 2022


Today we mourn the deaths of thousands of innocent Americans perpetrated twelve years ago by the hands of Islamic terrorists.    At the same time, we should also lament the loss of four of our citizens, who while representing our country died last year in Benghazi.  

benghaziliars-600It all started when President Obama, under the influence of advisor Samantha Powers, now our UN representative, decided to join NATO and support by force the rebels fighting Dictator Gaddafi.    At the time,  engaging in war in order to stop the killing of civilians, and bypassing congress, was lauded by many as the Obama Doctrine.    Seven months and a billion dollar expense later, the praised “doctrine” turned Libya into an anarchy with a weak central government and a country in chaos led by multiple rebel factions, most of them against the interests of our country.   

In this environment our noted Ambassador Christopher Stevens, alongside Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods were killed.    After twelve months the public is still ignorant on the facts behind the incident, the lack of response during the attack, and the failure to capture and prosecute the persons responsible.    Obama and his acolytes want us to believe that this tragedy should be forgotten, it is part of “phony scandals”, it is in the past, and “what difference does it make” to learn the truth.   

We the people should demand answers.    What was Ambassador Stevens doing in a dangerous place like Benghazi on a marked date like 9/11?     Why his plead for appropriate security was denied and by whom?    Why was help not provided and the agents in Tripoli told to remain there?    Why was an obscure video blamed, when it was obvious since the beginning that it was a terrorist attack?    Where were the then Secretary of State Clinton and President Obama during the attack?    Last, but not least, what happened to Obama’s pledge to hunt down and bring to justice the culprits?   

A few months after this tragedy, the White House conveniently leaked to the New York Times that the Delta force was preparing and attack on the 29 terrorists identified by the FBI and the leader of the operation.    This newspaper used this news to claim that it gave Republicans, who criticized the lack of action, “egg on their faces”.    Apparently, this plan was never executed and the leaders of the assassinations that have “eluded” our elite forces have been easily found and interviewed by multiple news outlets.   

As we seem to embark into another failed foreign intervention in Syria, where our leaders have been totally incoherent and confusing in its explanations for their proposal, it looks like we will follow the lifeline given to us by none other than Putin, giving the world, once more, the appearance of weakness and lack of leadership.    

Is our citizenship so changed, that we are prone to ignore this debacle?    Are we living in a country the is willing to forget Benghazi, while being preoccupied with the likes of Myley Cyrus and her transformation from a lovely young lady to a dumb, swollen tongue wagging adult?    Do we accept our society to be transformed to a people of dependents, looking for immediate gratification, and being mesmerized by false leaders?    If so, it will mean the end of our American dream and the demise of this long lasting democracy.    I certainly hope not, but time will tell.