August 18, 2022

“Will This Be Our Epitaph? “

Here lies the greatest civilization ever developed upon this earth, the finest and best hope that all men could be free, self-governing and prosperous, and the burden of excessive toil, disease and poverty could be lifted from the backs of men.

This great civilization died not as a result of external aggression but from internal crumbling of the character of its people. The phenomenon was more in the nature of suicide than murder. The people had become so luxury loving and soft that they would not exert themselves in their own defense.

Possessing great power, they refused to use it against criminals who developed in their own country, or those from abroad. A malignant disease that might be described as a maudlin sympathy for one’s enemies seemed to paralyze their will.

Having incomparable greater strength than any other nation or combination of nations, this nation stooped to appeasement and compromise until it lost it will to live, while its enemies grew steadily more powerful.

Here lies the nation that sacrificed its life in an effort to gain the good will and friendship of it enemies.

Here lie the people who abandoned their priceless heritage of patriotism, religious faith, and truth for socialism which sapped their strength.

Here lies the nation that dies from loss of faith in God, loss of pride and confidence in itself, and the loss of the will to defend itself against both internal and external enemies.

Here lies the United States of America.

Editorial from Iron Man Magazine
February 1970—written 43 years ago and it is coming true