December 5, 2021

The Real Shutdown of America!

The premeditated dismantling of our constitutional republic

With all of the uncivil rhetoric about the current shutdown, emanating from the White House and Democrat members of Congress, aided, and abetted by the puppeteer-controlled media, should we be expecting another shooting by a crazed leftist in a gun-free zone?

The real shutdown of America began years ago, and it has reached a pivotal point in the march towards the premeditated dismantling of our constitutional republic.  Both major political parties have contributed to this political, spiritual and economic, Bataan-like death march towards a Godless, Constitution-less, dictatorial satellite of the U. N.

The puppeteer machines of the Federal government and traditional media are doing their best to put one spotlight on Federal workers who are being furloughed, without pay.  I have family and friends who work within the mighty Federal government complex, so I can empathize with anyone who is experiencing what way too many people within the private sector have been experiencing, especially since the 2008 meltdown.

For way too many people, their personal shutdown began in 2008, and has continued to today.  For others, their shutdown, or partial shutdown is due to the various policies of this regime (with the foundation having been poured by previous regimes) and the Fed, including the Patient Abandonment and Un-Affordable Care Act, a/k/a ObamaCare.  They have lost their jobs, or have seen their hours cut, and many, if not a majority of these individuals will be forced to pay mushrooming premiums on less income, or face a fine.  With the vindictiveness we have witnessed by this regime during this and previous speed bumps that Obama has encountered, en route to the ‘fundamental transformation’ of our republic, regarding who is being targeted for furloughs, and the parks and monument scandals, here and overseas, is it any wonder how aggressive and punitive the fines will be imposed by an SS-like IRS?  A major difference between the furloughed Federal employees and the private sector victims of the Obama regime is that the Federal employees will have their suspended incomes restored and with pay for the time they have been furloughed; there is no such safety net for those within the private sector!


All anyone has to do is look at the actions, not the words, of Obama, a/k/a the Lying King, to realize what is going on right in front of us, if only we open our minds to reality.  Almost every time the Lying King is in trouble, he retreats the ‘jobs are the first priority’ mantra.  With the direction and the help from the puppeteer-controlled media, once the ‘crisis’ is over, the focus upon jobs dissipates like an early morning fog.  Ironically, few people realize jobs are the first priority, but it is the elimination of jobs, not the creation of jobs, that is foremost in the Lying King’s agenda.


The Lying King and his puppeteers realize that when people lose their livelihood, many will also lose hope and faith.  When faith and hope are lost, the door swings open to despair and their satanically inspired influence.  Many people will accept what was once unacceptable, for they no longer have the spiritual, emotional or mental capacity to strive for becoming the best person they can be, especially in terms of faith and finance.


With the elevation of Ben Bernanke to the throne of the Fed Chairman, our economy has been under controlled destruction, designed to do so slowly, enriching the wealthy while sucking the oxygen out of our economy in a ‘peaceful’ implosion.  He has operated atop the Fed akin to Nazi SS Lieutenant Colonel Herbert Kappler, when Kappler extracted 100 pounds of pure gold from the Jews in Rome, and the partisans who assisted the Jews, in exchange for the supposed safety of the Jews, their property, and the Jews not being taken away to non-existent camps!  Of course, after collecting the 100 pounds of gold, to the ounce, many Jews were shot, or rounded up for those non-existent work and death camps!


The constant refrain is that small business is the engine for a recovering and vibrant economy, and small business has been the one entity that has been not invited to the table of economic ‘solutions’ for our stubbornly stagnant economy.  Small business and the private sector, non-union proletariat are the segments of our society that have not been the recipients of a delay, exemption or waiver from ObamaCare by the current SS-like regime.  If a person can’t see the attacks upon small business and the private sector, non-union individual for what they are, they are a benefitting participant in the dismantling of our economy, society and republic, or they are as blind as many ‘forgiving’ Jews, Catholics and Christians were, when the Nazis wrested control of Germany.

The tears shed by the veterans at the WWII memorial must have been twofold.  One set of tears consumed them as they remembered the horrors they experienced, their sacrifices, and the sacrifices of their buddies, especially, those who gave their lives to prevent Nazism or the Japanese from enveloping the world.  The other set of tears must have poured out because they see the same evils that threatened the world in their youth as making a comeback, not overseas, but within their country.  Their heroism served several generations, only to crumble to the megalomaniacal narcissism of today’s elites, domestic and foreign.


For the partisans of Keynesian economics (Fascism, Communism, Socialism, Collectivism, Progressivism), there is no hope.  They seek to rule the world, and they have zero respect for their fellow, lowly, proletarian men and women.  These are the bad guys and gals Hollywood used to attack, but now it promotes.  Anyone who goes to the movies contributes to Hollywood’s attacks upon God, our families and our cherished rights and freedoms, for they feed one of the beasts that are devouring our republic.  Virtually every contribution made by a Hollywood celebrity to a politician in either major party is an attack upon our individual rights and freedoms, and moviegoers (theater, Netflix, Redbox, cable, DVD rentals, etc.) afford the celebrities the ability to contribute handsomely at garishly extravagant fundraisers for these destructive politicians.


These destructive politicians and their puppeteers are devilishly adept at deploying the Hegelian Dialectic, manipulating uninformed citizens and politicians towards their predetermined, destructive agenda.  What is the Hegelian Dialectic? Visit, authored by Niki Raapana and Nordica Friedrich in October, 2005, entitled, ‘What is the Hegelian Dialectic?’  We need to escape the gravitational pull of the Hegelian Dialectic in order to think freely in identifying ways to prevent the dictatorship of our republic and the world under the despotic tyranny of the puppeteer elites.


If you believe in God, it is past time to begin praying.  If you have doubts about God, but don’t like what you see is happening, it is time to get religion.  The attacks by the satanic puppeteers and their SS-like ‘soldiers’, including almost everyone in government and the puppeteer-controlled media, will be, to borrow a phrase, ‘fast and furious’.  Without defying tyranny, we encourage tyranny.  Some of us may die in defying the encroaching dictatorial tyranny; this happens when those who seek to impose their demonic will upon a society realize some people are not lemmings to be led to their society’s slaughter.  Only after enough patriots give their lives for our God-given and constitutionally guaranteed rights and freedoms will the slumbering citizenry possibly rise in protest of tyranny.  Will it be too late when the slumbering citizenry wakens, and, if so, will that be the last shutdown for several generations?

A.J. Cameron was born in Kansas City, MO, and raised in Prairie Village, KS. He is a graduate of Rockhurst High School and University of Kansas, and is a the former president of the Native Sons & Daughters of Greater Kansas City. Having worked for international and local, start-up companies, A. J. brings a wide range of insight to many of the challenging issues of the day. A.J. seeks to engage readers on key issues with views grounded in time-tested principles and common sense. Contact A. J. at