August 16, 2022


Do you know how to recognize a dictator?

Dictators are extremely protective and secretive of their past and associations.  They are narcissists, they are deceptive, and they are pathological liars.  They blame others for their failures.

obama world order

They promise change and a better future with greater benefits to the needy, thereby creating a dependent class.

At the same time, dictators create a ruling elite with salaries and privileges denied to the rest of the population—buying their unconditional loyalty while putting them under constant surveillance, because dictators cannot trust anyone.  They are unforgiving, vindictive and revengeful, punishing anyone who gets in their way.  No one is safe.

Dictators use character assassination, and when completely in control, with absolute power, they do not hesitate to repress and oppress, using imprisonment, “reeducation” and murder.  Their only moral code is self-aggrandizement.

Dictators change the education system into indoctrination machinery, in order to create obedient citizen-robots who adapt to live under a quasi-military discipline where they cannot complain and must accept all of the dictator’s demands: low salaries, meager diet, poor housing and deficient “free” health care.  The new dependent class is “trained” to support him—the provider.

A dictator thinks of his population as a tool to maximize his power.

Dictatorships can happen in any country in the world.  All it takes is someone for whom power is a narcotic to get a foothold in circumstances ripe for accepting a  new leader.  No country is immune.  People fall for dictators out of ignorance.

Not far from America’s shore is the island of Cuba.  In spite of many warnings from War World II European immigrants who used their experience to easily identify that the new ruler was taking his country in a far left direction, Cubans were convinced:  “It can’t happen here.”  But it did.

His name was Fidel Castro.  He promised changes, and he certainly delivered them.  He ruined that prosperous island which, in 1958, ranked 29 among world economies.  His regime has lasted for 54 years and counting.


Agustin Blazquez has produced and directed 10 independent documentaries. The last one, titled CONNECTING THE DOTS (2012), is an expose of the Obama administration’s lies, deception and fraud in order to take over the USA.  See preview at:  /  Available at: