August 16, 2022


The president is a “red diaper baby,” a term used for an individual whose father, mother or both are Marxists. Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. was a Marxist and an anti-colonialist born in the small village of Nyangoma Kogelo in Kenya. He was a member of the Luo tribe. He was an alcoholic, bigamist, and spouse abuser. Obama Senior came to study economics at the University of Hawaii, leaving behind his pregnant wife, Kezia, and a child. While enrolled in a Russian language class, he met 17-year-old Stanley Ann Dunham. They started to date and Ann became pregnant. It is believed that they got married when she was three months pregnant. No one has seen the marriage certificate or pictures of the wedding. Family members or friends did not attend the wedding.

Barack Hussein Obama was born on August 4, 1961. He said that he was born in Honolulu,  Hawaii, others think that Obama may have been born in Mombasa, Kenya. Obama’s place of birth is still questionable. Mysteriously, Obama’s mother passport records have disappeared from the State Department.

Obama Senior abandoned Ann two years later when he went to study at Harvard University. There he married another woman and eventually returned to Kenya. Ann supposedly divorced him and Obama did not remain in contact with his father. Obama Senior briefly visited his son in Hawaii for the last time when he was ten years old.

It is interesting that the president admires his father so much, even though he abandoned his mother and him and lived a horrifying life in Kenya. The president cried when he lied down on the tomb of his father in Kenya and had a profound spiritual experience. As Obama explained in Dreams from my Father, he talked to his deceased father and told him that his struggle would be his own struggle and his pain would be his own pain. Sadly, Obama then adopted the dream of his Marxist father for our nation.

Prior to attending the University of Hawaii, Ann Dunham attended Mercer Island High School, where she had two socialist teachers who taught her to question the existence of God, societal norms, and authority. She became an atheist and a socialist. Ann read Marxist books while in high school. After graduating from college, she did not reside again in the United States and only came home for brief visits. Ann Dunham came for the last time when she was terminally ill with cancer.

Obama Senior wrote an article in the East Africa Journal while living in Kenya. He stated in this article that he wanted to tax the rich people 100% of their income. His Marxist ideology and disagreeable personality resulted in the loss of his government job. He started to drink heavily and killed a man while driving under the influence. Later, he was involved in another accident while driving intoxicated and lost both legs. He eventually died as the result of a third accident he had while also drunk. He fathered a total of eight children with four women.

Ann Dunham, Obama´s mother, met a Muslim student from Indonesia named Lolo Soetoro at the University of Hawaii, married him in 1967, and moved to that country. The president´s name at that time was Barry Soetoro and he may have been adopted by his stepfather. Young Obama lived in Jakarta, Indonesia from 1967 to 1971. He was enrolled in a Catholic school and later in a public school as a citizen of Indonesia. Islam was listed as his religion. He was taught to read and write Arabic and to read the Quran. He attended services at a mosque on a weekly basis in the company of his stepfather. Later, in 2008, he lied when he said he had never been a Muslim. Obama´s entire family in Kenya is Muslim.


Is Barack Hussein Obama a secret Muslim?


It is quite obvious that the president likes and promotes Islam. The following are the reasons why many astute observers believe Obama is a secret Muslim and a sympathizer of the Muslim Brotherhood, a world-wide terrorist organization. There are over 1.5 billion Muslims throughout the world and it is estimated that approximately 10% are jihadists.

Janet Levy, an expert on Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood infiltration in the government has explained that throughout 1,400 year history of Islam, Islamic jihadists have been responsible for the death of 270 million people:120 million Africans, 80 million Hindus, 60 million Christians, 10 million Buddhists and thousands of Jews. Islamic jihadists continued to kill and injure thousands throughout the world in numerous terrorist attacks in the name of Allah. Unlike any other holy books in the world, such as the Bible and the Torah, the Quran states “Slay the unbelievers whenever you find them (Quran 9:5).” Tens of millions throughout the world have lived as “dhimmis” or Muslim slaves. Christians who presently live in Muslim countries are being killed, raped, and injured and their churches are being burned by Islamic radicals. Janet Levy questions why President Obama wants us to respect and admire Islam, as the religion of peace, with so much violence perpetrated by jihadists and to celebrate a National Muslim Appreciation Month.

Pamela Geller, author of the best seller book Stop the Islamization of America (2011), has called Obama’s Department of Justice a de facto arm of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Attorney General Eric Holder has hundreds of documents in the Justice Department regarding the multitude of Muslim Brotherhood front organizations that have connections with Hamas and other terrorist organizations. However, he has refused to prosecute a single one. Geller has denounced the mainstream media for accepting information suppression and for being so gullible and ignorant of the Muslim Brotherhood’s stealth Jihad.

  • Obama has declared the month of November, National Muslim Appreciation Month, even though the Muslim population in the United States is less than 2%. In his press conference, President Obama stated that he also wants the nation to honor the Islamic holy books: the Sunnah and the Quran. Obama held press conference and stated that “the Muslim community deserves full acceptance and respect. They are not all bad. In fact Muslim them are good.”
  • He has ordered the Postal Department to create two Muslim holidays stamps.
  • Obama has never spoken clearly to the nation about the diabolical objective of the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamic terrorist organizations to kill or enslave Christians and Jews, as well as other nonbelievers of Islam. He has never spoken of the ultimate objective of Islamic jihadist to establish a worldwide Islamic caliphate after the destruction of the United States and other Western nations.
  • The Department of Justice is considering criminalizing any person who criticizes Islam, even though it would violate the First Amendment to the Constitution. The Organization of Islamic States has been demanding that the West bring criminal charges against any person who criticizes Islam or its prophet. In many Muslim countries any criticism of Islam or blasphemy of its prophet is punishable by death.   
  • Obama has worn a gold ring in his left hand since he was an 18-years-old student at Occidental College, according to information circulated in the Internet. This ring has an inscription in Arabic language that says “There is no God except Allah.” He also wore this ring attending Harvard University and, when students asked him about the ring and its strange letters, Obama answered that it was from Indonesia. Islam experts have stated that only a Muslim would wear such a ring.
  • Obama has given $770 million to repair and install computers and Internet services in mosques in Africa.
  • He supported the idea of Iman Feisal Abdul Rauf to build a mosque and study center at Ground Zero in spite of the fierce opposition of over 70% of the American people. Obama later sent this Iman on a 15-day trip to Middle Eastern countries in spite of the fact that Rauf wants to implement Shariah law in our nation.
  • Obama bowed deeply and shamefully to the King of Saudi Arabia.
  • He has associated with radical Palestinians, given funds from the Woods Foundation to support their organizations, and named many Muslims to positions in his administration.
  • Obama praised his older brother, Roy Abongo Malik Obama, when he embraced Islam and stated that he had reaffirmed in this manner his African identity. Malik Obama was denounced by the Vice President of the Supreme Court of Egypt as “one of the architects of the mayor investments of the Muslim Brotherhood.” The judge also stated that “this explains why the Obama administration is so vehemently supportive of the Muslim Brotherhood, whose terrorist acts have, among other atrocities, caused the destruction of some 80 Christian churches in less than one week.” Malik Obama is the Executive Secretary of the radical Islamic Da’wa Organization in the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist nation of Sudan.
  • Obama told a reporter from The New York Times that the call to pray at mosques is the “prettiest sound in the world.”
  • He stated in Cairo that our country is not a Christian nation even though this is false. The United States is a Judeo-Christian nation.
  • Obama has appointed members of the Muslim Brotherhood to important positions in his administration and relies on some of them as advisors. Some have helped Obama write his speeches.
  • Obama has allowed members of the Muslim Brotherhood to rewrite the training manuals that are used by the CIA, FBI, Pentagon, and the Department of Homeland Security. Any criticism of Islam, the Quran, or Islam’s prophet has been expunged. Many retired generals and admirals have denounced the rewriting of the manuals used by the Pentagon to train civilians and members of the Armed Forces.
  • He supported President Mohammed Morsi of Egypt, who was a top leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, until the day he was overthrown by the army. Obama helped the Muslim Brotherhood achieve power in Egypt and deserted President Hosni Mubarak, our faithful ally for many years. Even though President Mohammed Morsi of Egypt allowed radicals to attack our embassy in Cairo, Obama provided Egypt almost $2 billion a year in aid. Obama forgave Egypt a billion dollar debt that this nation owes us. The president tried to help Egypt obtain a multibillion loan from the International Monetary Fund, where we are the main donor. Obama gave that nation F-16s and the latest 200 Abraham tanks in our inventory endangering Israel by doing so. Obama is despised by the current anti-Muslim Brotherhood government of Egypt.
  • Obama sends millions of dollars to Gaza by the way of the United Nations even though it is governed by Hamas, a terrorist organization.
  • Obama refuses to use the terms “War on Terror,” “radical Islamists,” and “Islamic terrorism” because he is afraid to offend Muslim countries.
  • He goes around the world apologizing for what he considers as the past mistakes of our nation, including apologies to the Arab nations..
  • Obama celebrates all Muslim holidays in the White House and invites Islamic radicals to the White House for private meetings.
  • He has released many Islamic terrorists from Guantanamo and wants to close that prison. Several of these terrorists have rejoined terrorist groups that seek our destruction.
  • Obama gave a speech at the United Nations and said ” the world does not belong to those that blaspheme the prophet of Islam.” Yet, the president almost never criticizes the abuses under Shariah law of Muslim women, the rapes and assassinations of Christians, and the burning of their churches in Muslim Countries.
  • He ordered NASA to its use funds teach about the great contributions of the Arabs in science and mathematics, while severely cutting the budget of the space agency.
  • Obama wanted to strike militarily Syria, which would have helped al-Qaida-linked rebels fighting the Assad Syrian regime. Obama, in violation of the Patriot Act and the Constitution, has been secretly sending weapons to al-Qaida rebels in Syria with the assistance of the Turkish Islamic regime. Glenn Beck has called for Obama’s impeachment for aiding and abetting al-Qaida groups which he considers treason.
  • Obama´s actions have led some to think that he could be a secret Muslim. It should not be surprising to Barack Obama that, according to the polls, 1 in 4 Americans believe that he is a Muslim.

In spite of Obama’s efforts to be liked and respected in Muslim countries, according to the  polls, Obama is more despised than George W. Bush in those nations. Unfortunately, the many people in Muslim countries intensely dislike Americans because of our lifestyle and the freedoms that we enjoy.


Obama surrounds himself with communists and radicals


Obama returned to Hawaii when he was 10 years old, after learning the Quran and the Arabic language, to attend an elite school in Honolulu in the fifth grade. His maternal grandfather introduced him to Frank Marshall Davis, an African-American card-carrying member of the Communist Party, who had an FBI file of approximately 600 pages. Davis became Obama´s mentor and probably introduced him to marijuana and cocaine. Davis had an enormous influence on young Obama.

Valerie Jarrett´s father-in law, Vernon Jarrett, was also a communist and worked with Davis in various Communist Party-dominated organizations in Chicago. Valerie Jarrett, who was born in Iran, is the most trusted and important advisor to president Obama in the White House. She was a mentor to Michelle Obama while both of them worked in the Mayor’s Office in Chicago.

Another major advisor of Barack Obama is David Axelrod. His mother ran a socialist newspaper in New York City where many Marxists wrote articles. Axelrod was mentored in Chicago by two communists, David Simon Canter and Dan Rose. Axelrod is also a red diaper baby. It is also interesting that Obama’s mentor, Frank M. Davis, worked closely with all these people in Chicago during the 1940’s. When Obama arrived in Chicago as a community organizer, he was already known to these extreme radicals.

While Obama was attending his elite private high school, he read books written by communist African-Americans such as W.E.B. Dubois, Langston Hughes, and Richard Wright. He also read a book written by Malcolm X. This radical Muslim, who referred to “whites as the devil,” became his hero.

According to Obama´s autobiography Dreams from my Father, he developed “black rage” after reading so many books written by radicals. Upon graduation, he attended Occidental College in Los Angeles, California. Obama wrote in Dreams the following: “I chose my friends carefully. The more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist professors and structural feminists and punk-rock performance poets. We smoked cigarettes and wore leather jackets. At night, in the dorms, we discussed neocolonialism, Frantz Fanon, Eurocentrism, and patriarchy.” Frantz Fanon was a Marxist and anti-colonialist who advocated revolutionary violence. Fanon is another of Obama’s heroes.

While attending Occidental College, Obama traveled to Karachi with a Pakistani roommate at a time when it was almost impossible for an American to obtain a visa from that country. Some think that he traveled with an Indonesian passport and that he may have gotten a scholarship at this college as an Indonesian student. Since he sealed his records, it is impossible to prove his status. After visiting Pakistan, Obama went to India and Indonesia. Who paid for these trips when his family was not rich? While at Occidental College, Obama engaged in community activism. Two years later, he transferred to Columbia University in New York City. There, he wrote in Dreams, he attended socialist conferences. Among his favorite radical professors was Dr. Edward Said, who advocated violence against Israel.


Community organizer Obama follows the teachings of Saul Alinsky in Chicago


After graduating and working briefly in New York City, Obama moved to Chicago and started to work as a community organizer. He was trained by Saul Alinsky’s followers and disciples. Alinsky, a Marxist or a fellow-traveler, is the founder of the modern movement of community organization. He wrote a book, Rules for Radicals, dedicated to Lucifer, who he referred to as the first radical. Alinsky wrote that “Lucifer was the first radical known to man who rebelled the against the establishment and did it so effectively that at least won his own kingdom.”

Alinsky wrote the following: “Our activists and radicals are products of rebels against our middle-class society. All rebels must attack the power states in their society. Our rebels have contemptuously rejected the values and way of life of the middle class. They have stigmatized it as materialistic, decadent, bourgeois, degenerate, imperialistic, war-mongering, brutalized, and corrupt. A revolutionary organizer must shake up the prevailing patterns of their lives-agitate, create disenchantments and discontent with the current values to produce, if not passion for change, at least a passive, affirmative, non-challenging climate.”

Saul Alinsky wrote the following: “The Prince was written by Machiavelli for the Haves on how to hold power. Rules for Radicals was written for the Have-nots on how to take it away. The Alinsky model consists of working within the political system to obtain power in order to destroy it or transform it radically. The methodology is called “boring from within.” Just like termites, the radicals were to eat the foundation of a building. In this case, the building was the political and economic system of America. The idea was to penetrate from within the system in order to make it collapse.

This was the same tactic used by ACORN, a Marxist organization which can truly be described as Obama´s army. Barack Obama worked for this Marxist organization in a massive voters registration drive in Chicago. He was also a trainer for the cadres of ACORN.

Saul Alinsky explained to his radical followers to use deception and hide their radical agenda to seriously transform or destroy the capitalism system of our nation. He told them to pretend to be moderates or progressives until they were able to achieve power in the nation using any means possible. Alinsky, like the communists, believed that the ends justify the means.

Alinsky taught his radical disciples to demonize and destroy their opponents, such as Obama did to Mitt Romney in 2012. During the October, 2013, federal government partial shutdown the president, Whitehouse officials, and members of his party in Congress called Republicans in the House of Representatives numerous outrageous insults such as arsonists, Taliban, jihadists, anarchists, bombers and so forth following the pages from Rules from Radicals.

Alinsky emphasized the importance of waging vicious war against their opponents and to demonizing them in order to destroy their character by repeating lies about them. He also wrote the following: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. It is almost impossible to counteract ridicule.” Alinsky preached to his radicals and Marxists disciples that using ridicule and character assassination they could achieve power. Once the radicals entered Congress and the White House, they could then implement their radical agenda to take power away from the “Haves” and give it to the “Have Nots”.

The son of Saul Alinsky praised Barack Obama and said that he learned his father´s lessons well. Indeed, he did. Obama would later say that his brief job as a community organizer in Chicago offered him a better education than Harvard Law School. As president, Obama has become “Agitator-in-Chief” with his divisive speeches on class and racial warfare and redistribution of wealth, along with his actions in the White House.


Obama wanted to acquire political power to radically change the nation


Obama quit his job as a community organizer in Chicago and was accepted at Harvard Law School. How did Barack Obama raise the money to attend such an expensive university? Khalid Abdullah Tariq al Mansour, the lawyer for the royal family of Saudi Arabia, raised money for Obama.  Al Mansour enlisted the help of Percy Sutton, a prominent African American politician from New York. Sutton, who had been Malcolm X’s lawyer, wrote several letters to his friends at Harvard Law School so that they would accept this promising former community organizer. We now understand why President Obama made a most shameful bow to the King of Saudi Arabia since probably Saudi´s money financed his education at Harvard.

Barack Obama was elected to the Senate of Illinois, where he had a mediocre eight-year career. During this time, Obama belonged to the New Party, a socialist party, in Chicago. Obama sealed his records as a state senator since he did not want people to know his relationships with convicted criminals such as Tony Rezco and Rod Blagojevich, former Illinois governor. He told a reporter that he didn’t keep in records and not even an agenda during his years as a state senator in Illinois. Of course, he was lying and he wanted to conceal his relations with criminals and other lobbyists.

Later, Obama served in the United States Senate for four years. He did not pass a single law of importance, nor was he a leader of his party. While serving as chairman of the subcommittee on European Affairs of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Obama never called a meeting of this important subcommittee, nor did he ever meet with any European ambassador to the United States. He spent the entire time while serving in the Senate running for president.

Future historians would be astounded about Obama’s association, collaboration, and close friendship with terrorists Bill Ayers and his wife, Bernadine Dohrn. Ayers and Dohrn worked with the Weather Underground in the 1960s and 1970s and placed 30 bombs in the Pentagon, Congress, and police stations. Surprisingly, this association did not hurt Obama politically. In the Ayers’ home, Barack Obama began his political career.

It has been proven that Bill Ayers wrote most of Obama’s autobiography Dreams of my Father. When Obama was asked in 2008 what was his relationship with Ayers, he lied and said, “he is just a guy who lives in my neighborhood.” Except for Fox News, the rest of the mainstream media gave him another free pass and, in so doing, did a great disservice to the American people. How could an individual who loves his country have such terrorists as friends? This writer is convinced that Obama shared the Marxist ideology of Ayers and Dohrn. Currently Ayers is working on Obama’s Common Core curriculum.

Obama’s mentor, counselor, and spiritual leader, Jeremiah Wright, and his 20-year attendance to one of the most radical churches in the nation, the United Church of Christ in Chicago, did not hurt him either. The religion of Obama´s church with its creed of Black Liberation Theology, which is basically a racist, Marxist, and anti-capitalist religion, along with Wright´s incendiary anti-white anti-patriotic sermons marked by hatred, lies, and distortions did not bother Barack or Michelle Obama.

It is incredible that Obama did not feel that his beloved pastor was disrespecting and insulting his own white mother and maternal grandparents. How could a president of the United States have attended a church whose pastor hated and attacked our nation in every sermon and said “God Damn America!” instead of saying God Bless America! Wright referred to the United States as the U.S. of KKK. Furthermore, Wright praised Fidel Castro, the Sandinistas, and all our enemies. Obama’s pastor said that “the United States is the assassin number one in the world.” In another sermon, Jeremiah Wright stated “white greed governs a world full of needs.” Later, he accused the U.S. government of introducing the HIV virus in African-American areas to commit genocide.

Pastor Wright is a close friend of the racist Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam. The President and his pastor participated in Farrakhan’s One Million Black Men March to Washington, D.C.  Farrakhan stated in 2008 that “Barack Obama is the hope of the entire world.” Future historians would be amazed that all our enemies wanted Barack Obama to win in 2008 and 2012. Were people in our nation asleep? Could they be blind to the implications of such endorsements given to Obama, our most radical president in history? Not reported by the mainstream media was the statement of the president of the Communist Party USA, Sam Webb, upon learning of Obama’s reelection: “It is the dawn of a new era.”

Obama´s profound ties to the Marxist organization ACORN did not damage him, nor did ACORN´s massive ballot fraud in several states during the 2008 presidential election. His corrupt Attorney General Eric Holder, who was declared in contempt of Congress recently, refused to prosecute the members of ACORN or the New Black Panther Party members who intimidated white voters. In 2013, Obama appointed extreme radical Assistant Attorney General Tom Perez as Secretary of Labor. Perez refused to prosecute the New Black Panther members provoking the resignation of veteran’s officials in the Justice Department.

Obama´s close association with Andy Stern, the Marxist leader of the militant union Service Employees International Union (SEIU), did not bother those who voted for him in 2008. After Stern retired, other Marxists and socialists took control of this radical union. SEIU also supported Obama in 2012.

Many of the scandals involving Barack Obama prior to his election as president, such as the purchase of his mansion in Chicago with the help of his political godfather, the Syrian-born and convicted criminal Tony Rezco, did not hurt him since he is protected by the leftist established media. Rezco gave Obama $250,000 to finance his campaigns in Illinois. Obama reciprocated by giving Rezco millions from the state legislature for various projects. Since the Obamas did not have sufficient funds to purchase this mansion, Rita Rezco purchased a lot next to the mansion for $625,000. The Obamas received a $300,000 price reduction on their $1.95 million mansion. Just before this transaction, Tony Rezco received a loan of $3.5 million dollars from a cousin of Iraq’s dictator Saddam Hussein named Nadhmi Auchi.

Any other senator would have been investigated for this unethical purchase and probably indicted for violating the Code of Ethics of the Senate that strictly prohibits a senator to receive financial favors. It is shameful that the president lives in a mansion in Chicago that was indirectly financed with blood money from a cousin of Saddam Hussein!

The U.S. Communist Party endorsed Obama in 2008 and 2012. Many other Marxists, socialists, and radicals helped Obama in 2008 and 2012. The list includes among many others George Soros, Jane Fonda, Tom Hayden, Michael Moore, and Malcolm X’s daughter, Malaak Shabazz.

After his reelection, Obama created Organizing for America, an institution to advance his second term radical agenda. Obama used leftover campaign money and continue to raise  funds for Organizing for America. No other president in our history has ever created such an unprecedented organization. Does he want to continue holding power when his second term ends?