July 17, 2019


Phony global warming schemes allow confiscation of land claiming ocean rising.  Higher insurance rates for phony flood models are also a result.   People have gotten fed up with the environmental tyranny we are now subject to from the U.N., and the federal government and hence we are commencing retaliatory actions. If the Attorney General will not conduct the investigations, the many Citizens Grand Juries, which are currently being constitutionally formed in Florida and all over the country, will conduct such investigations and will move to prosecute if the evidence shows criminality/breaking of state laws.

Billions of tax dollars will be spent needlessly, more private property will be confiscated unless we take action.
Now is the time BEFORE the next legislative session.

Please call and send the letter posted below to appropriations committees and ask to cut funding for all of these programs.  For a list of committee members in Florida please go to this website:   http://americanfreedomwatchradio.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/Appropriations.pdf


1.  Cut and paste to all members on the appropriations committees.

2.  NUMBERS COUNT.  We must have as many letters as possible get out.

3.  Send letters, postcards, it does not matter what you send, what does matter that you send something.

Feel free to send this to any other group you know: media, newspaper, TV, personality, clergy, any American.

Let us learn by our mistakes, never let a good crisis go to waste. On the heals of the Obamacare lies, people will be more receptive fighting this lie as well.   Now is our time to fight back. The lie of man made global warming drives all the destructive policies.
Fighters can win, winners never quit.


I am sending you this e-mail message to disclose that on November 4, 2013 fifteen organizations in Florida, sent a letter to AG Bondi asking her to immediately launch an investigation of any politicians/their science advisors using/citing false Global/ Warming/Climate Change/Rising Sea Levels THEORIES to sponsor/enact environmental laws, rules and regulations, which have hurt the Florida economy and many Floridians financially or in the reduction of their constitutionally granted property rights they possess. Press the link provided to view the letter. http://americanfreedomwatchradio.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/CD-Climate.pdf

The lack of science showing Global Warming/Climate Change/ Rising Sea Levels is closely connected to emission of greenhouse gases (primarily CO2) has been clearly disclosed in many scientific studies. Therefore it is obvious false science is/has being/been used in this state to cripple our state with expensive Green Initiatives, which are solutions to non-existent environmental problems.

To support our position, I am providing the link to: (1) an Amicus Brief authored by 10 internationally recognized scientists and a PHD economist/engineer all having the broad range of educational disciplines necessary to totally disprove (using scientifically analyzed empirical evidence from recognized, reliable international sources) the three methods used by the EPA to arrive at its 2009 declaration that man/animal initiated emissions of greenhouse gases (primarily CO2) is an Endangerment and that such emissions are causing Global Warming/Climate Change and rapidly rising water levels in oceans, seas, gulfs, etc. throughout the Globe. The team’s key findings, which not only show the falseness of all three EPA’s THEORIES, also show there is absolutely no relationship between the level of greenhouse gas emissions and any purported Global Warming/Climate Change and rising water levels. The Supreme Court will rule in 2014 on certain EPA issues and this brief is one of the important documents opposing EPA tactics; and (2) a scientific study by Dr. Nils-Axel Morner, of Stockholm, Sweden whose studies were used extensively by the U.N,/IPCC until his findings began disproving the IPCC’s position of rising sea levels. He was then dismissed from the U.N. team. Dr. Morner is considered one of the top hydrologists on the Earth and hence his studies showing minimal or no sea level increases are subject to the combined rage of the U.N. and its “accepted” scientist group due to his detailed findings show their ocean rising theory is bogus. The so-called “Deniers” are growing rapidly in number and the scientific studies refuting man made global warming is now prolific.

To provide you an example of why the use of false environmental science must be investigated by the AG, I am including an article covering the very disturbing anti-home owner actions in the Miami area conducted by the Dade Department of Environmental Resources Management (D.E.R.M.). Such conduct should never be allowed to happen anywhere in Florida and we demand heads roll for such tyrannical conduct.

You are a member of the appropriations committe that is providing funding for these false claims. In case you forget, this is not your money to appropriate. This is taxpayer money and as a taxpayer, we want our money be used to support programs that only follow best science, not worst science.  Therefore, before one more dime is spent on the fraudulent programs we want them investigated.

Many Floridians have gotten fed up with the environmental tyranny we are now subject to from the U.N., Tallahassee and the federal government and hence we are commencing retaliatory actions. If AG Bondi will not conduct the investigations, the many Citizens Grand Juries, which are currently being constitutionally formed in Florida (and all over the country), will conduct such investigations and will move to prosecute if the evidence shows criminality/breaking of Florida laws.

We solicit your assistance in challenging any new bad environmental laws being considered in the up-coming session and we also ask your assistance to repeal the many bad environmental laws that are currently on the books for the THEORY (not science) used to pass such laws has been now clearly shown as fraudulent.

We await your prompt reply.



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