November 26, 2021

Emergency Statement by Lyndon LaRouche

It is well-known at the top levels of the Executive branch of the US government, that the Obama Presidency is disintegrating in disarray. Responsible people inside the White House itself are alarmed at the deepening chaos swirling around a psychologically deteriorating Obama, who is disengaged from reality and surrounded by an inner coterie which is impossible to deal with. (Note for example how this festering mess has plunged relations with Egypt, with Iran and with Afghanistan all into disorder over just the past few weeks.)

On November 20, American economist and statesman Lyndon LaRouche took note of this reality, and issued the following emergency statement.

“Given the fact that we are on the verge of the complete breakdown of the economy, we cannot tolerate a chaotic situation under this President. Therefore, there must be an impeachment now. There are plenty of grounds to do so,— the paramount reason is that the United States must be saved. There must be a moratorium on foreclosures, and there must be a review of the outstanding claims of Wall Street circles, but the key to survival is to get Obama out of office before the collapse occurs.

“There is every grounds to do so. His administration has been a systematic failure, so that his competence must be challenged. In fact, he is a completely unstable person that can’t continue to function. He has to be kicked out because he is doomed in any case.

“The key thing is that we can’t have the collapse occur with such a President in charge.”