August 12, 2022

Obama’s Approval Ratings Continue To Fall As His Panacea Cure For America Continues To Fail

Amid all of the various scandals plaguing Barack Obama, he and his ardent supporters continue to proclaim that the nation is recovering and that everything is getting better.  Obama and Pelosi both predicted that once Americans start enrolling in the Obamacare exchange programs that they will be so much happier with their affordable coverage.

However, the vast majority of polls indicate that Obama’s approval ratings continue to plummet.  I realize that he doesn’t need to worry about any re-election, but the ratings are an indicator just how successful the public believes his panacea cures for America are.

For instance, the Gallup Poll approval ratings have dropped to 40%, with a disapproval rating of 53%.  Reuters/Ipsos, a fairly liberal pollster also shows Obama’s approval ratings down to 40% and disapproval ratings up to 52%.

Real Clear Politics found approval ratings of 43.3% with a disapproval rating of 51.9%.  Considering that on May 19, 2013, RCP found approval ratings of 49% with a disapproval rating of only 46.5%, the President’s approval ratings have been steadily decreasing.

The second week of January, most of the polls indicated approval ratings ranging around 51% to 55%.  But as more Americans began to lose their jobs and have their hours cut, Obama’s approval rating began to fall.  In the month since the exchange programs took effect, most polls have shown additional drops in Obama’s approval ratings.

I suspect that as more Americans start to enroll in the Obamacare exchange programs and find out how much the new healthcare policies will cost them, Obama’s approval ratings will fall even further.  Then as Americans start to use their new exchange provided healthcare and find out how many doctors and hospitals refuse to accept their plans and how much it actually costs them out-of-pocket, the approval ratings will drop even further.  Finally, when the millions of uninsured Americans file their income 2014 income taxes and see the government tax penalty, Obama’s ratings will drop even further.

Since presidential approval ratings have been kept, starting with FDR, the lowest approval rating ever recorded was for George W. Bush at 19%.  Don’t forget that he also had the highest approval rating on record at 92%.  President Truman hit a low of 22% and Nixon 23%.

It would not surprise me to see Obama’s approval ratings hit the low 20% range and possible Bush’s 19%.  But it won’t matter.  By that time, Obama will be even closer to his socialist takeover of the country and approval ratings will be a thing of the past, as will our freedoms and rights.