December 3, 2021

The ten most terrifying things about the Obama Administration

In honor of the year’s spookiest day, Human Events has compiled a list of ten monstrous things that prove why Obama and company have earned the title of “Scariest Presidential Administration.” If you have the guts, read on, but be forewarned that the following will strike fear into the hearts of men, women, children, and liberals everywhere:
The ten most terrifying things about the Obama Administration

ObamacareThis one speaks for itself. The repercussions of this law become more and more frightening every day, as people lose their insurance altogether, doctors leave the medical practice in droves, and costs for care and coverage rise.

Persecution of conservative groups: Remember how the IRS targeted Tea Party groups and anyone who identified as a “patriot”? The list is long, and it all happened under the Obama Administration. Lois Lerner conveniently “retired,” and there has been zero accountability and zero punishment.

Operation Fast and Furious – Where in the world is Eric Holder? The Fast and Furious scandal, in which the U.S. Justice Department gave guns to Mexican drug lords, who then used the guns to kill U.S. border patrol agent Brian Terry, has floated off the radar. F&F killed more people than Jason Voorhees, Michael Meyers, and Freddy Krueger combined, and how many drug lords have we captured? Scary.

The abortion president: President Obama is 100 percent pro-abortion. His agenda to end the lives of innocent babies still in the womb is horrifying. He is “the most pro-abortion advocate to ever hold the nation’s top executive office.” He’s expanded abortions through Obamacare, by “appointing a bevy of pro-abortion judges and officials, moving to strip medical professionals of conscience rights, and forcing taxpayers to fund groups who provide abortions in other countries.”

Benghazi: What a house of horrors that turned out to be!  For some reason, the Administration sent an ambassador into a terrorist-laced cauldron of militia thugs with unarmed guards, backed up by a local militia that proved as worthless as security experts expected.  It was the anniversary of 9/11, specific threats against the consulate had been made after successful strikes against other declared targets, the area had a history of violence, and Ambassador Chris Stevens reported seeing the black flag of al-Qaeda flying across the city, in the course of requesting enhanced protection that never came.  There wasn’t even an emergency plan for rescuing him.  The families of the Ambassador and the brave men who died at his side, along with the rest of their grieving nation, were fed deliberate lies about a phantasmal “YouTube video protest” to keep Barack Obama’s re-election campaign alive.  To date, absolutely no one has been held accountable for the ghastly negligence and dereliction of duty that led to four American deaths.

The Debt: The national debt under Obama is set to DOUBLE. Currently every American carries a tax load with him of $53,859, just by virtue of being a U.S. citizen (it’s $148,976 if you’re one of the rare tax payers). Five of the six largest annual deficits in U.S. history occurred on President Obama’s watch, without much to show for it, except Washington D.C. becoming one of the richest cities in the nation.  We are more than 17 TRILLION dollars in debt right now, and that number climbs higher with each millisecond. If that isn’t scary, I don’t know what is.

Aid to the Muslim Brotherhood: The Muslim Brotherhood breeds and trains terrorists and kills Christians, and Obama helps them do it.

Blocking the Keystone Pipeline: along with a dozen other pro-energy plans in favor of “green initiatives.” Not only does our relationship with Canada continue to sour, but 20,000 jobs and 830,000 barrels of American crude oil are lost with each day of inaction.

Two new libs on the Supreme Court: Liberal appointees Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan helped give Obamacare the stamp of Constituionality, and Obama appointees continue to dot the federal courts in alarming number (Court of Appeals, District Courts, Tax Courts, etc). Not only is Obama ensuring that his schemes will be approved during his presidency, he is also setting the scene for any future conservative leader to fail.

The Chicago Way- The Obama Administration has a knack for encouraging inconvenient people and organizations to keep quiet. From bullying the non-union creditors of General Motors and AIG executives in 2009, through this week’s complaints by insurance companies that they have been menaced into silence about the ObamaCare crash, this White House isn’t shy about throwing its weight around.  The demon hounds of President Obama’s media team are forever straining at their leashes, ready to lunge at any hapless private-sector executive who forgets his place.