August 12, 2022

Black pastors’ group tries to impeach Eric Holder; uses harsh words to describe Obama

A group of black clergymen has decided that impeaching President Obama over his gay rights agenda would be a losing battle, so it’s going after his attorney general, Eric Holder.

“He will go down in history as the worst attorney general,” said the Rev. William Owens, president of the Coalition of African American Pastors, according to The Hill. “And this president has done more to hurt the American people than any president, as I see it, in my lifetime and in history.”

Accusing Obama and Holder of undermining traditional family values, Owens said his group will collect and deliver to Congress a million signatures calling for Holder’s removal.

“The attorney general has violated his oath of office by trying to coerce states to fall in line with the same-sex marriage agenda,” Owens told CNSNews after announcing his petition drive at a National Press Club meeting.

“President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder have turned their backs on the values Americans hold dear, values particularly cherished in the black community,” a coalition statement said. “Millions of voters in 30 states have voted to defend marriage as the union of one man and one woman, but Attorney General Holder is attempting singlehandedly to throw these votes away! … He should be impeached by Congress.”

Holder told attorneys general attending an annual meeting Tuesday that they were not obligated to defend state laws banning same-sex marriage if they did not believe in them.

“Any decisions – at any level – not to defend individual laws must be exceedingly rare,” he said, according to The Hill. “They must be reserved only for exceptional circumstances. But in general, we must be suspicious of legal classifications based solely on sexual orientation.”

The pastors decried Obama’s use of the civil rights platform to promote a gay rights agenda.

“It’s a disgrace that this man has stood on the shoulders of Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr.,” Owens told The Hill. “I detest them calling this a civil rights movement. It’s not a civil rights movement; it’s a civil wrongs movement.”

The Coalition of African American Pastors describes itself as “Christians working together to promote the values of Faith and Family,” and is not affiliated with any political party or religion