December 5, 2021


The “religion of peace” knows no bounds. Islam’s reign of terror throughout north and central Africa continues as yet another disturbing story escapes the Dark Continent to teach us the truth about Islam and Sharia Law.

In Southern Somalia members of the Al-Shabaab terrorists (close allies of Al-Qaeda) recently took the time to show their community, and the world, what Islam does to Christians. Local leaders arrested two people who they believed to be Christians for the crime of… being Christians. 41-year-old mother, Sadia Ali Omar, and her 35-year-old cousin, Osman Mohamoud Moge were arrested by the local al-Shabaab militants, and brought to the town center along with Ms. Omar’s two daughters.

muslimBefore killing them, an Al Shabaab militant announced, “We know these two people are Christians who recently came back from Kenya – we want to wipe out any underground Christian living inside of mujahidin [jihadists’] area,” according to an area resident whose name is undisclosed for security reasons.

Omar’s daughters, ages 8 and 15, were witness to the slaughter, sources said, with the younger girl screaming and shouting for someone to save her mother. A friend helped the girls, whose names are withheld, to relocate to another area.



Senator Alan Hays recently introduced SB386, the Florida Senate’s American Laws for American Courts (ALAC) bill.

SB386 is common-sense legislation that protects Floridians’ individual, fundamental constitutional rights from foreign laws or legal doctrines where the application of those laws/doctrines would violate those constitutional rights. No particular foreign law is singled out. The proposal applies to them all.

Call and e-mail all members of the Senate Judiciary Committee and ask to pass the ALAC bill.

Sen. Tom Lee: (850) 487-5024(850) 487-5024

Senator Darren Soto:  (850) 487-5014(850) 487-5014

Senator Rob Bradley:  (850) 487-5007(850) 487-5007

Senator Andy Gardiner  (850) 487-5013(850) 487-5013

Senator A L. Joyner  (850) 487-5019(850) 487-5019

Senator Jack Latvala  (850) 487-5020(850) 487-5020

Senator Garrett Richter  (850) 487-5023(850) 487-5023

Senator Jeremy Ring  (850) 487-5029(850) 487-5029

Senator John Thrasher  (850) 487-5006(850) 487-5006

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Karen Schoen, Consultant
Radio Host: American Freedom Watch Radio
Founder: AgEnders,
Americans against Agenda 21
Director: Florida Panhandle Patriots
Chairperson: Save America Foundation
Florida Assessment Committee on Education