November 29, 2021


Concerning the differences of opinion within the REC (Conservatives vs. Establishment Republicans) it is time to take a stand. If the so called influential, powerful and wealthy contributors do not want to fund the REC as they have done in the past, that is their choice. We can do without them. In fact, those who endorsed and contributed to Alvin Brown’s campaign should be thrown out of the Party. They should be listed in the Republican Hall of Shame. Actions speak louder than words. They are NOT Republicans. A mistake, ignorance or incompetence can be forgiven, but TREASON cannot. The example I know for a fact is Audrey Moran, who ran as a Republican in the primary, and because she did not get the nomination, she endorsed Democrat Alvin Brown.

rino-500Let us recruit a few more Tea Party minded members in the REC, and then vote on expelling these RINOs. It is not a split in the Party, it is a TAKEOVER. We have the GRASS ROOT support. Example, we got Ryman Shoaf on the ballot within 45 days. The Republican Party establishment has never properly acknowledged and thanked the Tea Party for securing the House and many state Legislatures. Let this be a strong message to the State Republican Party and to the National Republican Party. It is their lack of leadership and gutlessness that gave us Obama TWICE. The Tea Party is who kept us from going beyond the point of no return.

It is high time the Republican establishment starts ATTACKING the Democrats the way they have attacked CONSERVATIVE TEA PARTY candidates and voters. If we can vote for the lesser of two evils, then they should also support and vote for a Conservative who gets the nomination. It is high time we start calling a spade a spade. Democrats are COMMUNISTS. The Communist Party USAendorsed Obama for President and has not put up a candidate for President since the early 70’s because they already had one on the Democrat ticket.

Corrine Brown’s gerrymandered Congressional District was kept virtually unchanged by a Republican controlled State Legislature. I have no respect for those who voted for it. Our property taxes were increased by a Republican majority City Council. I have no respect for any of them either (except for Redman and Schellenberg).

I did not vote for a Republican to compromise and get along with Democrats. I voted for them to fight and defeat the enemy and undo all the anti-American policies which have ruined our once great nation. A nation is defined by its BORDERS, LANGUAGE and CULTURE. Our country was founded by English speaking, Western European peoples (this means Caucasian Christians). All minorities need to assimilate and respect our culture or feel free to go elsewhere. I say we have no room for the HYPHENATED American. Everyone should be 100% Americanregardless of race or national origin.

I have not sent one cent to the Republican Party in many years. I give only to my church, conservative groups and individual candidates, BUT I would be willing to contribute to the LOCAL Republicans only after I know we have a clear and unapologetic conservative agenda and leadership.