November 29, 2021

New York Police Say They Will NOT Enforce New Anti-Gun Law

The rebellion against anti-gun laws is spreading like wildfire across the country right now.

States like Missouri, Idaho, and Arizona are actively working on legislation that would nullify actual and potential federal gun control.  Citizens are rebelling against liberal state legislatures by refusing to register their guns, which is exactly what’s happening in Connecticut.  In New York, gun owners are burning their registration cards in open defiance of the state’s new gun control law.

Also in New York, law enforcement officers are announcing that they won’t be enforcing the New York SAFE Act, which puts an arbitrary limit on magazine capacities.  This comes after law enforcement in Colorado has already overwhelmingly refused to enforce that state’s gun control laws.


Following a federal judge’s ruling in December that the seven-round magazine limit imposed under the New York SAFE Act was “tenuous, straitened, and unsupported” and therefore unconstitutional, state police have updated their filed guide on the controversial law to urge officers not to enforce the arbitrary magazine limit.

The announcement on the revisions to the New York State Police NY SAFE Act Guide was made on Wednesday and came via the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association.

This is great news.  State law enforcement shouldn’t enforce unconstitutional laws, no matter what a federal court says.  The court happened to be right this time, but that shouldn’t stop local sheriffs from refusing to enforce laws that violate the Second Amendment.  As Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee County said, there’s a Second American Revolution coming if guns are banned, and law enforcement doesn’t want to be the ones confiscating firearms because, as he put it, they “don’t want to get shot.”

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