August 12, 2022


In the latest clash between two leaders, United States President Obama responded to Russia’s President Putin threat to Ukraine, by meeting with that country’s democratic leaders and responding to their request for arms by immediately sending them MRE’s (meals ready to eat).

Not fazed, Putin invaded the province of Crimea taking over that important peninsula. Putin, who’s “manhood” has not been questioned as Obama’s was by NY Time’s columnist David Brooks, started agitating the pro-Russian populace in eastern Ukraine. A visible upset Obama promised action which consisted in sending the threatened government camping equipment including wool socks. Not taken aback, Putin responded sending undercover troops to the area. To this latest move, our fearless leader sent one of the most dangerous weapons available, Vice-President Joe Biden. When asked by the local press, his thoughts about this action Putin responded “what, me worry”, as shown below.

You cannot make this up!