August 12, 2022

How Many Have to Die?

How many have to die before people recognize Barack Obama for what he is, an incompetent ideologue, in way over his head?  Ever the sociopathic solipsist, everything is always about him, and if lives are lost in service of his place in the history books, they will not have died in vain, for there is no greater goal than the deification of Barack Obama.  Just ask him; he’ll tell you.

The latest administration scandal involves the VA hospital system, which is alleged to have been run like a criminal enterprise. The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) for Veterans Affairs has released a preliminary report raising the possibility of criminal misconduct.

It is said that as many as 40 or more veterans died unnecessarily while waiting for medical treatment they never received.

Sadly, it did not start there.

It started with ‘Fast and Furious,’ a deliciously idiotic scheme by Barry and his mini-me, Attorney General Eric Holder, encouraging the straw purchase of thousands of guns to be taken across the border into Mexico and delivered to drug cartels in the expectation that they would be used in the commission of crimes.

At which point, if you can follow the logic, it was hoped that news of these crimes, committed using guns bought in America, would result in a groundswell of support for more gun control in the United States. This brilliant plan resulted in the deaths of hundreds of Mexicans and at least one American. It didn’t matter; they were only Mexicans, and who cares about them?

What are the lives of hundreds of human beings when compared to Barry’s dream of being the one to take our guns?

At around the same time this was developing, the Iranian people flooded the streets of Tehran and other cities to protest fraudulent elections. The protesters, numbering in the millions, some holding signs begging for Obama’s support, were trying desperately to end the brutal theocracy that Iran had become after the overthrow of the Shah.

What did Barry do?  Nothing. The regime was teetering on the edge. A word of support from Obama, perhaps some moral support from our government and maybe the mullahs would have fallen. How many died in those protests? Some say thousands. In the purges that followed it was said that the mullahs were executing more than a hundred people a day.

Having recently lifted some of the sanctions that were collapsing the Iranian economy, Barry is now negotiating with Iran over their desire for a nuclear weapon. However, the relaxation of sanctions has freed up billions of dollars for Iran to continue their nuclear weapons development program.

Barry wants an agreement, any agreement, something with his name on it, perhaps the “Obama Accords.” He wants to say he was the man who made the deal to end the Iranian nuclear program. The fact that this is untrue doesn’t matter, a nuclear-armed Iran will be the next president’s problem.

How many will die when Obama lets Iran get a nuclear weapon?

Then you have Afghanistan. During his campaign for president, Barry often called Afghanistan the “good” war, the one we should have been fighting instead of Iraq.  Well, true to his word, under Obama in 5½ years, more Americans have died than in the entire 8 years of George W. Bush (575 under GWB versus 1,600 plus under BHO).

How’s that for “good”?

Barry’s new rules of engagement did not help. American troops could not fire first, and could not return fire if there was a possibility that civilians might be injured. When returning fire they could not fire into buildings, because civilians might also be inside.

Imagine that, Barry gave us the first war where soldiers were not allowed to shoot first.

How many American lives did that cost?

Just for good measure, in 2010, after taking months to make a decision, he announced a ‘surge’ of 30,000 new troops for his Afghan war. In the same breath, he announced their withdrawal date. Recently he announced he was going to leave 10,000 troops in the country, but they would all be withdrawn by the end of 2016.

Barry is breaking new ground in strategic thinking. He is the first commander in chief who has dared to attack and retreat at the same time. After 2016, he plans to leave the country to the Taliban, who has been patiently waiting.

How many Afghanis will perish when the Taliban returns?

He did the same with Iraq. Presented with a war that was already won before he took office, his sole requirement was to negotiate a Status of Forces Agreement with the new, democratically elected Iraqi government. This would have left a token American force in the country to protect the gains made during the years of war. He couldn’t be bothered; Barack Obama does not stoop to negotiate. He is Barack Obama.

Instead, he left the country to the Iranians. There are now terrorist attacks daily (that whole Shia/Sunni thing), and the civilian body count is fast approaching what it was at the height of the war.

What, at this point, does it matter?  Barry wanted to campaign in 2012 on ending the Iraq War and if Iraqis had to die to make that so, so be it.

How about al Qaeda? Remember, in 2012, during his bid for reelection, Barry said many times. “Al Qaeda is on the run.” Well, al Qaeda controls more territory now than ever before. Their flag flies in Fallujah, a place where many American soldiers gave their lives. They control territory from Aleppo in north Syria to well into western Iraq, over 400 miles, and offshoots of the group are making significant headway in Africa.

How many will die with the resurgence of al Qaeda?

In Syria, when the opposition to Assad was mostly secular, Barry did nothing, and a bloodbath ensued. Then we had his famous “red line,” and the promise to take action if Assad used chemical weapons. Well, the ‘red line” came and went and Barry just looked weak. Vladimir Putin patted him on the head and said “I got this; go play golf.”

The death toll in Syria is 140,000 and rising.

Now he wants to do something. Today the opposition is mostly all jihadists. It is not in America’s interest to arm them… but Barry wants to do something… so what the heck?

I’m sure that will work out well.

With regard to Libya — Barry led from behind to depose Kaddafi, admittedly a terrorist, but at that point a terrorist in rehab. Having given up his own nuclear weapons program in abject fear of George W. Bush, he was no longer a threat to anyone, especially America, but Barry wanted him gone.

How did that work out?

Barry did nothing in response to the attack on the Benghazi Consulate on 9/11/2012. He left four Americans to die as he went to bed early in order to be well rested the next day for a campaign event in Las Vegas.

Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods were all unavailable for comment.

Unable to admit that he’d dropped the ball by failing to provide enough security to the consulate and then failing to prepare for potential al Qaeda attacks on the 9/11 anniversary, he then refused to call it a terrorist attack (remember, al Qaeda was supposed to be on the run). He blamed the attack on a video, bringing worldwide attention to said video. This resulted in attacks on various other American embassies the world over.

People died in those attacks, and they died because of a lie. They died for Barack Obama’s vanity.

China is poised to seize almost all of the South and East China Seas, through which much of America’s imports and exports travel. The Chinese view Barry as weak, and they know they have a window of opportunity while he remains president.

After all, the next president may not be so weak.

This will almost certainly result in war, as Japan, Vietnam, Korea, and various other states know they will be fighting for their very existence.

How many will die in that entirely avoidable conflagration?

At West Point the other day, Obama claimed that anyone who says, “America is in decline, or has seen its global leadership slip away — are either misreading history or engaged in partisan politics.”  He seriously believes he has been successful. The man is deluded.

He is not alone. Apparently, his entire administration is delusional. Jen Psaki, a regime spokesperson, actually tried to make the argument that the president wrongly doesn’t give himself enough credit for his foreign policy successes. Even the sycophant Washington press corps couldn’t abide that assertion.

Yet, I’m all for giving the president credit for every human being who dies as a result of his actions or lack of leadership, because the death toll for Barack Obama’s presidency will continue to mount long after he is gone.

In the end, I expect millions to perish in service of Barack Obama’s vanity.

Yet, the saddest thing about his presidency is that it is impossible to predict how many will have to die for Barack Obama to feel good about himself.

We’ll just have to wait and see.