August 16, 2022

RINO – The Real RINO Lindsey Graham wants to be re-elected… South Carolina deserves better

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If you are a political junkie like I am, or perhaps you just have a love of country and care about the integrity and safe guarding of it’s principles, this primary season is an exhilarating time.  I’m already beginning to feel the heat of the grassroots fire that is starting all over this great country to rid Congress  this primary season of the useless, spineless middle of the road RINO’s who have betrayed the Republican party time and time again.  I have a list, rest assured, but one Senate race in particular stands out and I’m confident that Patriots all over this nation would agree with me that it would be one less parasite in the Senate if we could put Lindsey Graham in the unemployment line.

Lindsey Graham has been one of the wimpiest, wishy-washy, whiniest Republicans in the Senate.  He’s been far more concerned with being politically expedient than being right or voting the values of the South Carolinians who elected him.  He has represented compromise in it’s very worst form.  In fact, let’s take a look back in history at the worthless Senate chair that Graham plants his derriere.

March 2010: What a busy little “bipartisan” bee Lindsey Grahamnesty has been lately.

He’s holding hands with John Kerry to push carbon caps and unrepentant global warming cultism.

He’s collaborating with the White House to close down Gitmo.

And he’s schmoozing with Chuckie Schumer on another illegal alien amnesty campaign — an effort that has been in the works for months.

Another death blow to Conservatives in March 2010:

Sen. Lindsey Graham broke ranks with fellow Republicans in a key vote Tuesday to confirm Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court, signaling that there will be no united front for a filibuster of President Obama’s nominee.

In a 13-6 vote by the Senate Judiciary Committee, Graham of South Carolina was the sole Republican supporting Kagan to replace retiring Justice John Paul Stevens.

February 2013, strangely after a meeting with Obama to discuss Amnesty, Graham and McCain cave again:

Today, the Republican leadership, led by McConnell, Graham, and McCain, allowed the Senate to vote on Hagel.

They did so even though Hagel refused to turn over critical information about his financial dealings — information that the Senate had previously demanded. These Senators allowed the vote to proceed so even though they asserted that Hagel is unqualified, and they believe that Hagel holds dangerous views on Iran, Israel, and the United States: Remember, Hagel is the man who described the United States as the World’s Bully.

In fact, this month, the South Carolina Republican leaders put together a resolution to condemn Lindsey Graham for being ”fundamentally inconsistent with the principles of the South Carolina Republican Party.”   This blistering resolution included at least 30 prime examples for this accusation, including (with full details included on each):

  • Voted to Confirm Obama radical appointment to Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection.
  • Supported arming Al Quaeda / Muslim Brotherhood Revolutionaries in Syria
  •  Supported amnesty but not border control – and sided with Ted Kennedy over Jim Demint
  • Supported abridging the First Amendment for those who criticize the government
  • Supported massive new internet sales tax
  • Supported subordinating American sovereignty to the United Nations
  • Opposed medical malpractice tort reform
  • Supported Obama’s energy taxes and Cap and Trade
  • Sided with Democrats on government regulation to combat “climate change
  • Supported restricting the First Amendment rights to criticize Islamic radicalism
  • Opposed making Bush tax cuts permanent
  • Supported liberal proposal to nationalize banks
  • Supported restrictions on the Second Amendment
  • Supported Obama’s drone program against American citizens
  • Supported granting members of the Muslim Brotherhood high level positions in the US government
  • Supported giving taxpayer money for excessive foreign aid generally, not just to terrorist government in the Middle East
  • Opposed principled application of free trade policy

This is just a tip of the iceberg and I urge you to read more in the resolution.  While you may not feel that you personally have a dog in this fight, you should be watching this race closely with your voices chiming in on a  national level- because when he votes, although he speaks in representation of South Carolina, his votes will eventually effect your everyday life.   We don’t need this Republican Senator who wears our uniform but plays on the other team!

Lindsey “Grahamnesty”, you, along with your other fellow moderates in elected positions all across our country, were not elected to go to Washington and jump in bed with the other side.   You weren’t elected to do what is momentarily politically expedient.  You weren’t elected to be the darling of the media who wait with baited breath as you decide your next sellout move.  You were elected to represent your constituents and their best interests as a reflection of the values and principles that you ran on.   This behavior reflects a deep rooted selfishness that has taken hold within both parties of the “ruling class” but is being put on public display within the Republican party because the Conservatives in our country are finally saying enough is enough!

There are several new challengers so far for this seat and we will be keeping an eye on this race for the long run but here are a couple of the current top contenders.

Nancy Mace, one of the first to throw her hat in the ring has not yet held public office- which some strongly believe is in her favor.  She holds the accomplished title of the first female to graduate from the Citadel and is the author of In the Company of Men: A Woman at The Citadel.  She is a small business owner, having founded a consulting business, The Mace Group.  “The only way to change Washington is to change who we send to Washington,” says Mace, adding “Washington is out of touch, voters are frustrated. They’re looking for someone authentic.”

Lee Bright is another contender and just might be the one poised well enough with a strong enough Conservative record in the SC Senate since 2008 to take Graham down.  He’s 100% pro-life and his record, thus far, backs up the claim since he has been a sponsor of the “Life Begins At Conception Act” for the last 3 years.  The Club For Growth has also given Bright the title of “Taxpayer Hero’s In The Senate”- which he shares with only three others, along with receiving  the highest score in the legislature graded by the  Upstate Tea Party.  His votes also show him exceptionally strong in regards to the Second Amendment as he was the lead sponsor for the Firearms Freedom Act and Constitutional Carry Bill.  He’s also been a lead voice on the Freedom of Choice Healthcare bill (the ObamaCare opt out).  To read more on him and his record in the Senate you can click here.

That being said, South Carolina has some great choices to replace this spineless excuse for a Republican.  I think most of you will agree with me when I say that it’s time for this particular breed of RINO’s to go extinct!



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