November 29, 2021

ALERT: Top Democrat Senator Introduces Gun Confiscation Bill

Whenever a tragedy occurs involving guns, it’s almost a guarantee that a liberal Democrat will immediately put pen to paper and create a bunch of new gun control laws with the intent of shoving them through Congress.

Guns scare liberals. However, their fear isn’t focused on gun violence occurring in schools, but on the ability of a free people to protect themselves against a tyrannical government, which they for some strange reason, seem to support.

Well it seems that Sen. Dianne Feinstein in California is never one to let a good shooting go to waste, as immediately following the mass murder perpetrated by Eilliot Roger, the liberal Democrat introduced a new gun control bill in Congress.

The new bill calls for the allowance of “firearms restraining orders” on any individual who is considered to be a threat.

The government, of course, will be the ones who decide the criteria of what makes an existing or potential gun owner a threat.

From the Gateway Pundit, via Right Wing News:

The bill would prevent an individual from purchasing new guns and give law enforcement the right to confiscate existing guns if the individual is determined to be a threat.

The scariest part of this proposed legislation is the idea that anyone can ask for one of these restraining orders. So, for example, if a gun control activist got ahold of a sign-in sheet from a local gun range, they could start spamming the judicial system with these “gun violence prevention warrants,” claiming that they believe these individuals to be about to commit a crime, and send a squad of police officers to their doorstep to confiscate their firearms. For their own good, of course.

This is nothing more than an attempt by liberals to make further headway in completely banning guns altogether. There is little doubt that legislation like this will be abused by those in positions of authority as a means of silencing the opinion of those who don’t “go along with the program.”

Gun rights activists need to not only stay informed on this bill, but do everything possible to ensure that it doesn’t pass. Being able to own a gun and protect yourself from criminals and government is a fundamental right, and it must be fought for with vigor.

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