November 29, 2021

Breaking: Chuck Hagel Puts Blame on Obama for Bergdahl-Taliban Swap (Video)

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel spoke before the House Armed Services Committee this morning. Hagel said the decision to swap Taliban prisoners for Bergdahl was made after Barack Obama spoke with Emir of Qatar on May 27.

“We moved forward with indirect negotiations in exchange for 5 detainees and agreed to the mechanics of the exchange in the morning of May 27. Following three days of extensive talks. That same day President Obama received a personal commitment in a personal telephone call from the Emir of Qatar to uphold and enforce the security arrangements and the final decision was made to move forward with the exchange on that day.

So now it’s Obama’s fault.

“It was me.” – Obama “It was Hagel.” – Obama “It was Obama.” – Hagel “It was Hagel.” – Obama “It was Obama.” – Hagel #Bergdahl