August 20, 2022

BREAKING: GOP Launches Movement to Abolish the IRS [PETITION]

BREAKING: GOP Launches Movement to Abolish the IRS [PETITION]The IRS has never had a fan club, but a movement to completely abolish the agency has never been able to build enough steam in years past.

Thanks to the heinous targeting scandal cooked up by the White House and carried out through Lois Lerner, that’s about to change.

Documents and emails prove that the IRS, under Lerner’s watch and with her support, purposefully audited more conservative groups than liberal ones, hoping to find something they could use to prosecute donors and silence their political dissent.

The Republican National Comittee has decided that attempting to use taxation as a form of punishment for disagreeing with the president is grounds for dismantling the IRS.

RNC members have drafted a petition calling for an end to the IRS, hoping to build a movement that will help remove this atrocious agency from the lives of Americans forever.

Via GOP.Com:

The IRS abused its power, attempted to silence conservative groups and potentially spent years lying about it.

As Congressman Paul Ryan said, the IRS can turn our lives “upside down.” But Americans have almost no recourse when the IRS abuses its power.

Tax collection should be simple, not scandalous.

Abolishing the IRS is one of the best things that could happen to America. This agency has more or less been used as a political weapon for years, and it’s done far more harm than good.

The IRS is just another bloated bureaucracy that complicates the lives of Americans. The nation managed to collect and distribute taxes appropriately long before the IRS was formed. If we could do it then, we could do it now.

Dismantling this agency also strips the political ruling class of power, and shrinks the size of the federal government, which increases liberty. It’s a win-win for the American people.

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