August 18, 2022


The development and implementation of Smart Grid technology in the U.S. – reinventing the electrical grid with Wifi-enabled digital power meters – is proceeding at breakneck speed. Although Smart Grid is the result of years of government planning, the recent kickoff was smart metermade possible through massive “green” grants that were quietly included in President Obama’s economic stimulus package starting in 2009.

Why the rapid pace and secrecy in installing the meters? Is it because the utility companies know that the majority of Americans would never allow for such a thing if they really knew more about these new meters, their harmful health effects, their inaccurate and often inflated billing, and the “big brother” control they will have over our use of energy and our own appliances in our own homes and businesses.

Bear Witness TV brings you information about the Smart Meters in our SMART METER Channel.  Watch how your electric meter is being used to spy on your family; producer Josh del Sol discusses his new film Take Back Your Power. We’ll discover the pros and cons of Smart Meters, so you can make an informed decision.  TO WATCH CLICK HERE