October 27, 2021

UNREAL: Obama Wants to Give $500 MILLION More to Islamic Militants

UNREAL: Obama Wants to Give $500 MILLION More to Islamic MilitantsFor those few select individuals, who for reasons that defy common sense, refuse to believe that President Obama is completely incompetent when it comes to foreign policy, his latest blunder should put all doubts to rest.

Back in 2012, the president stumbled and fumbled his way through a mess of tangled affairs in Syria, inching closer day-by-day to taking military action in support of rebels fighting the Syrian government.

The majority of citizens in America were against this move, and surprisingly, the president opted out of military intervention, actually heeding the voice of the people. Apparently, this was a one-time deal, because he hasn’t done it since.

That was the only right move Obama seemed to make during this intense situation, as he quickly reverted to his typical wimpy foreign policy stance, threatening Syria that he would take action only if chemical weapons were used. He called this the “red line.”

Evidence surfaced indicating that chemical weapons had in fact been used. As is typical of Barack Obama, he back tracked on his statement, saying the world set a red line, not him. Two years later, according to reports from IJReview, the president has finally taken action, and it’s a real knee-slapper.

President Obama recently approached Congress with his hand out, asking for $500 million to give to what he called “moderate” rebels doing battle against the extremists in the Assad regime.

In other words, he wants to hand over U.S. tax dollars to Islamic militants. Not only did the president ask to fund militants in Syria, but their neighboring friends in Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, and Turkey as well. If the handout is approved, these four countries get to split an additional billion dollars.

So President Obama’s solution to end radical terrorism is to fund one group of radicals and pit them against another? Nothing could possibly go wrong there, right?

It should be obvious by now that Barack Obama has the worst foreign policy of any president to sit in office in the last century. He’s weak, constantly backing down from confrontation, and makes questionable decisions without consulting his advisers.

Not only should this request be denied for national security reasons, it should be denied because of the current condition of the deficit. This is unnecessary spending that will rack up our national debt, something this country cannot afford.

Hopefully common sense will prevail here and this request to fund Islamic militants be denied by Congress.

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