October 26, 2021

If You Love America, Then You Should Watch This Message From a Green Beret

A U.S. Special Forces veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan says that American special operations units should have a combat role against the Islamic State.

Scott Neil, now director of strategic development at the Green Beret Foundation, argued that President Barack Obama’s refusal to commit U.S. ground troops to the battle against the Islamic militants was not the best way to deal with the threat, according to Newsmax.

He described the seemingly contradictory messages coming from Obama and some of his top military commanders as making U.S. leadership appear to be “dazed and confused” about how to destroy the Islamic State, which the president has said is his strategic goal.

Neil said that more decisive action would be necessary to meet that goal.

“You really have to take the gloves off of the special operations and let them stop the [Islamic State’s] momentum,” he said.

Neil said that allowing U.S. forces to blunt the Islamic States advances would serve a psychological purpose, as well, by demonstrating that the ISIS soldiers are not invincible. “Actually, they’re wimps and they don’t fight very well,” he said. “When you’re shooting at unarmed civilians, you look tough.”

Neil, of course, is not alone. Many Americans have called on the president to do more against the ISIS terrorists than conduct limited airstrikes and lead a so-far nonexistent coalition of nations, or at least to stop taking military options, like the deployment of U.S. ground troops, off the table.

The Special Forces veteran agrees that “boots on the ground,” even if only in limited numbers, will be necessary for victory. The United States has to “meet them at their level,” he said.

No one on the left or the right wants to see U.S. forces committed to a long ground war in Iraq — or anywhere else, for that matter. But those who call American troop deployments imperialistic are simply wrong.

No nation that enters a country and immediately begins seeking an “exit strategy” has any interest in creating an empire.

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