October 26, 2021

Judge Jeanine: What the Military Just Did to Defy Obama is “Unseen in American History” [WATCH]

Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro took to the airwaves over the weekend to expose just how bad the disagreement between the president and the military has gotten over the ISIS threat in the Middle East and possibly here at home.

Obama’s strategy for dismantling ISIS consists of air strikes, while convincing other countries to join the fight and send in ground troops, refusing to take such action himself. His advisers and generals have been telling him this isn’t enough, that he must have boots on the ground, advice he has ignored. This has prompted many generals to come out and voice opposition to Obama’s current plan, a defiance that hasn’t been seen in this country’s history.

Judge Jeanine said “If they [government] were listening, our president would be following the advice of the military experts united on the issue of boots on the ground. But instead our president thinks he knows more than the military experts, a disagreement highlighted this week and virtually unseen in American history.”

According to Fox News, Pirro continued on, saying that America wouldn’t be in this current crisis saying “If our government were listening, we never would have gotten out of Iraq the way we did, with consequences that George bush predicted – and even Leon Panetta said was a mistake.”

Judge Jeanine is spot on here.

Military leaders are done being treated poorly, and if the president continues to ignore their advice and do his own thing, it’s obvious they do not want the blood of those who die as a result of his incompetence on their hands, and who could blame them?

The fact that such a divide has never been seen in American history speaks volumes about the ineptness of this administration and Obama’s resolve to do whatever it takes to implement his progressive agenda, even if it means placing the lives of millions of Americans at risk.

Click here to see Judge Jeanine take on Obama in what might be her finest moment.

President Obama needs to set his arrogance and ego aside for a moment, listen to those who are experts in war, and create a strategy that will keep Americans safe, which includes ground troops in Iraq and a secured southern border.

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