October 25, 2021

President Obama the Liar-in-Chief in the White House

Obama’s Miserable FailureAll presidents in America have had to lie occasionally to Americans and people around the world. Some have done it for national security reasons and others to cover up scandals in their administrations. All Americans remember that President Bill Clinton stated under a deposition in the White House regarding whether he had sex with Monica Lewinsky that “I did not have sex with that woman.” For having lied under oath, which is a felony, President Clinton was impeached, but he survived impeachment charges.

President Barack Obama has surpassed all previous presidents for repeatedly lying to Americans and the rest of the world. The president is a pathological liar. Before he was elected president, even when he was young, Obama was famous for not telling the truth. Below are the most egregious lies of this president:

• I will have the most transparent administration in history.

• I love the United States of America.

• I have never associated with the Hate the United States Crowd.

• I believe in limited government and not using the powers of the federal government to reduce personal liberty and freedom.

Common Core, that some people call ObamaCore, does not violate the Fourth and the Tenth Amendments of the Constitution. It is certainly not a federal imposed curriculum with national exams.

• Just because I returned the bust of Winston Churchill in the Oval Office to Great Britain on the first day I was on the job does not mean I hate the West or Great Britain.

• I did not appoint communists or communist sympathizers in my administration such as Van Jones.

• I did not violate the Constitution by appointing radical czars and giving them the same or more power as cabinet officers. It is not true that I knew that none of these radical czars would have been approved by the Senate.

• It is not true that my administration has been described as a dictatorship going much beyond an imperial presidency.

• Even though I stated clearly that I don’t believe in American exceptionalism that does not mean I don’t admire the Founders of our nation which established the first Constitutional Republic in modern times.

• Even though I said “the Constitution is a charter of negative liberties” that does not mean that I don’t respect and love our Constitution with its Bill of Rights.

• I said I will be a post-racial president who would unite not divide the people of the United States. I know I have done that.

• When I said before the 2008 election when I knew I was going to win that “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the nation” that does not mean that I want to implant socialism in the nation.

• In the 20 years that Michelle and I attended the United Church of Christ in Chicago, I never heard my mentor and my spiritual leader Reverend Jeremiah Wright criticize the United States of America or say anything negative about whites in this nation. Reverend Wright loves the United States of America and he thinks that whites are decent and hard-working people and certainly not oppressors of African-Americans.

• I did not spent millions of dollars to hide all of my records from the people of the United States. It is not true that when I was elected president no one really knew who I was.

My brother Malik Obama is not a member of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Sudan and he has not sent financial aid to Hamas.

• The fact that I provide the Palestinian Authority, which now has a unity government that includes Hamas, with $400 million a year that does not mean that I support terrorist organizations abroad and that I hate Israel.

• I have not allowed the Muslim Brotherhood to infiltrate my government or appointed many of its members to important jobs and as advisors in my administration. I have not allowed members of the Muslim Brotherhood to rewrite the manuals used by the Pentagon, FBI, CIA, and Homeland Security to erase any criticism of Islam.

• I criticize constantly Sharia law that oppresses women throughout the Middle East and other Muslim countries throughout the world. I also criticize constantly the assassinations perpetrated on Christians and other religions that are not followers of Allah in Muslim countries and the burning of ancient Christian churches.

• When I said in the United Nations that the “World does not belong to those that blaspheme the prophet of Islam” that does not mean that I am a follower of Islam.
• I am not a hidden radical Muslim as some writers have accused me of being.

• My birth certificate is valid.

• Even though I was a community organizer in Chicago that does not mean that I follow the teachings of Saul Alinsky who wrote the book Rules for Radicals dedicated to the devil Lucifer.
• The stimulus package will fund shovel-ready jobs.

• I said that when I am elected president the seas and oceans will cease to rise. Guess what? Nature obeyed me since I am the messiah.

• I have never directed any department or agency of my administration to persecute individuals who supported Mitt Romney with large donations. I have never told the IRS to persecute over 500 Tea Party, conservative, and religious organizations. In fact, I learned about this situation by reading it in the papers.

• I don’t believe in crony capitalism. Solyndra and other green energy companies did not get any special treatment from my administration.

• I am focused like a laser on creating jobs.

• I am not a socialist or a Marxist. I have not been associated since the fifth grade with communists and with radicals of all types.

• I was never a Muslim when I lived in Indonesia with my Muslim stepfather and my mother even though I read the Quran and learn Arabic in school and went every week with my stepfather to a mosque.

• I have never played the race card.

• My father, Barack Hussein Obama Senior, was never a communist or an anti-colonialist in Kenya.

• I never met the card-carrying communist Frank Marshall Davis in Honolulu which people have said he was my mentor.

• Even though I wrote in my autobiography Dreams from My Father that when I went to Occidental College my friends were the Marxist professors and other radicals and that when I attended Columbia University I went to Cooper Union to meet with Marxists, that does not mean that I like Marxism.

• Bill Ayers is just a guy who lives in my neighborhood. I never knew that Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dorn planted 30 bombs across the United States when they were members of the terrorist organization Weather Underground which had declared war upon the United States.

• It is not true that I started my political career in Chicago in the living room of Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn.

• It is not true that Bill Ayers wrote most of my autobiography Dreams from My Father.

• There was absolutely no fraud when I was elected president in 2008 and reelected in 2012.

• It is absolutely not true that my friend Eric Holder, who recently resigned from the Justice Department, did not cover up any of the major scandals and crimes committed by me and others my administration.

• I sent a message to Vladimir Putin asking him to give me “space” until I was reelected when I would then have more “flexibility” in dealing with Russia. I was very surprised when people misinterpreted that statement and said that I was a traitor to my country.

• Exchanging five dangerous and high-ranking Taliban terrorists from Guantánamo for an army deserter was a very good idea.

• I believe in capitalism and a free market economy.

• I have always been pro-business.

• I never said, that if elected, I would reduce the massive federal debt and annual deficits.

• I never said that increasing the federal debt was anti-patriotic.

• All of America’s allies respect me and all of America’s enemies fear me. I do not understand why some people are saying that the United States is a superpower in complete retreat because of my foreign and national security policies. I have strengthened the United States and the world respect this country much more since I was elected president.

• When I reduced the Pentagon’s budget by 10% for the next 10 years, I knew that such an action did not damage our national security even though by Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta said that it did, as well as all the generals and admirals in the Pentagon. I know much more than they do since I have a lot of experience as a community organizer.

• I always listen and follow the advice given to me by the secretaries of defense that I have appointed as well as the generals and admirals in the Pentagon.

• Even though the severe cuts that I ordered in the Pentagon will reduce the Navy to the size it had in 1913 and the Army to the size it had in 1939, I am convinced that those cuts did not endanger our national security.

• I am not a detached, arrogant, narcissistic president who engages in megalomania.

• I stated that I would work closely with Republicans in Congress to look for bipartisan solutions to domestic and foreign policies and have done so.

• I said that I will put an end to the type of politics that “breeds division, conflict and cynicism.” I am proud to say that I have kept this promise.

• I never said “You didn’t build that!” referring to businesses and corporations.

• I said that I would restore trust in government and the American people know that I have done it .

• When I said that the Cambridge, Massachusetts cops acted stupidly when they detained my radical professor friend, I was not playing the race card.

• I promised the American people that they would have five days to look at every bill that lands on my desk and I have kept that promise.

• I never set a red line or threaten Syria, if the dictator of that country were to use chemical weapons against his enemies. It was international community who set the red line.

• I never said that the Islamic Caliphate was a Junior Varsity team and did not represent a threat to the homeland.

• I never said that I did not have a strategy dealing with Islamic Caliphate.

• The fact that I withdrew all U.S. troops from Iraq after we achieved victory over al-Qaida in that country against the advice of the Secretary of Defense, the White House National Security Council, and the top generals and admirals in the Pentagon, has nothing to do with the rise of the Islamic Caliphate.

• I never said that training the Free Syrian Army was a fantasy.

• Even though I only participated in 42% of the intelligence briefings on national security because I had to play golf and raise money for my party and my organization, it is not my fault that the United States did not see the enormous threat to our national security of the Islamic Caliphate.

• When my vice president and I said again and again that al-Qaeda was on the run and had been defeated during the presidential election of 2012, that does not mean that we were deceiving the American people so that I could get reelected.

• I have said that whistle blowers will be protected in my administration and I have kept that promise.

• We got back every dime we used to rescue the banks and auto companies with interest.

• My administration is not spying on American citizens. The National Security Agency does not spy on Americans. The National Security Agency does not record all phone calls and emails, examines all purchases done by credit card, know by storing the information capture by recording cameras in buildings throughout the nation where everybody is moving.

• I have not created a surveillance state or a police state in the United States.

• I do not keep and enemies’ list in the White House.

• ObamaCare will be good for America.

• You can keep your family doctor and your insurance under ObamaCare.

• Premiums under ObamaCare will be lowered by $2500 for each family.

• It is true that I said that if you like it, you can keep your current healthcare plan. And, of course, this is what happened.

• I have never engage in cover-ups of the many scandals in my administration.

• I knew nothing about “Fast and Furious” gunrunning to Mexican drug cartels.

• I knew nothing about what happened in Benghazi. I did not give an order to stand down to American assets in the area who could have saved our people in Benghazi.

• I did not order the CIA to send weapons from Libya to Turkey to Syria knowing that most of weapons would end in the hands of al Qaeda-linked terrorist organization including Islamic Caliphate and the Al Nusra Front.

• I wanted to bring democracy to Libya and this was why I allowed Qatar to bring during the Libyan civil war $1 billion in weapons through Benghazi and to distribute the guns to al-Qaeda-linked terrorist organizations and to the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood. Thanks to me Libya today is an orderly nation who respects human rights of its citizens. I do not understand why people have called me the architect of the destruction of Libya.

• I have never issued an executive order that had the same effect as a law of Congress or ordered federal agencies and departments to issue regulations that have the same effect as the laws passed by Congress. I have always respected the separation of powers of the Constitution which give the three branches of government equal powers.

• I’ve never said that I had a pen and a phone, and that if Congress refuse to pass the laws that I demand, I would ignore the Congress and issue executive orders. I am right when I have said I know what is best for this country.

• I said that I have never knew my uncle from Kenya who was in the country illegally and that when he was arrested and he told to leave the country over 20 years ago.

• I really had forgotten that I did live with him and that’s why I had to finally admit that I knew my uncle and lived with him for a while.

• If elected, I promised not to renew the Patriot Act.

• If elected, I will end the war in Iraq and Afghanistan within the first nine months of my term.

• I will close Guantanamo within the first six months of my term.

• I will bridge the gap between black and white and between America and other countries.

• And the biggest lie of all the lies said by Barack Obama was: “I Barack Hussein Obama do swear to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.”


The title of Liar-in-Chief belongs to president Barack Hussein Obama. The United States has never had a pathological liar as president in its entire history. Obama lies so frequently that perhaps he believes his own lies. It is very sad for America to have endured for almost six years this president who does not believe in being honest, accepting his mistakes in office, and assuming responsibility for his actions. Obama needs to be impeached after the November mid-term elections.